Pressed Corned Beef, Yay / Nay?

Beef jerky is my all-time favorite thing. It’s low-cost, widely available, convenient because I never have to wonder where my beef jerky is, and delicious. I have a beef jerky tub filled with homemade delights. Today I want to share several recipes with you, all of which are low-cost, straightforward (no refrigeration necessary), and delicious.

Not where I am in the world.

Neither can I.

My husband and his brother are craving Pressed Corn Beef. We havent found it in Wisconsin for years. I’ve seen some on this site who looks like they found it, question where?

I have never tried pressed CB, but a corned beef pasty sounds dang fine to these eyes.

I found this source in MI. Tinned.

I like the clean looks of the tin.