Prepping food for pan frying : breading or flouring

The directions of the recent recipe I made instructed dipping the pork chops in flour, then in beaten egg and finally in seasoned bread crumbs.

The initial layer of flour was resistant to being coated with the beaten egg. As I was fiddling with this step I realized that I usually just do a 2 step process. I dip in beaten egg then in flour, cornmeal, crumbs, etc.

I assume the 3 step process is to create a stronger barrier between the meat and the fried coating? That is my take away since the 1st layer of flour was so hard to coat with the egg. Thoughts?

What is your process for pan frying? Does it differ from your coating method when deep frying? Why/when do you choose batter vs dry coating?

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Flour, egg, breadcrumbs would my usual way to go. Important to shake off excess flour before egging, otherwise it can get a bit gloopy. That said, it’s comparitvely rare that I want to breadcrumb something if I’m frying - occasionally a chicken breast or pork steak (for schnitzel)

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I learned to pat the meat or chicken dry, then flour, which is dry, but sticks to the wet (which we already patted dry) then the egg which is wet that sticks to the dry flour, then the bread crumbs which are dry which sticks to the wet.

I know it makes sense, but wet/dry/wet/dry… Then I pop them into the fridge to set up before frying.

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I add a egg to water . Say a cup and dip the ingredient in . Then bread . Doesn’t come out with that tough coating.

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My understanding is that the flour creates a better surface for the egg to stick to - it wouldn’t adhere as well to the meat itself (wet to wet, even if the meat has been patted dry).

SE has an exposition on the subject, of course.


Thanks for the link. Oddly enough I had more trouble getting the egg to adhere to the floured meat than I have ever had when skipping the flour first! I’ve never had an issue and the coating has always stayed put. Maybe it has been a case of ignorance is bliss? :wink:

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I find it’s easier if something is added to the egg (water?) and it’s well-beaten, otherwise the white is too cohesive.

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Cornstarch or arrowroot
Light buttermilk
Panko breadcrumbs

That’s the current prep method we use. I flavor the panko with dried herbs.

I stopped using eggs sometime back and find flour too thick.

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That is my usual method too.