Pour House Tinton Falls NJ

(Junior) #61

The Bistro Burger Platter: Topped with sauteed onions, melted cheddar jack cheese, sliced avocado & chipotle aioli.

I know at the bar they do “pound” the burger into a thinner/flatter patty then perhaps the kitchen did. Personally I prefer the plumper patty like the one I received, even if it leaves some bun uncovered. I’ve got to say this really was an excellent burger, I’m not a big burger guy but I would order this any day of the week.

@gcaggiano lol hope you enjoyed the banana and carrots. FYI carrots and almond butter are a favorite diet snack of mine.

@Metsfan53 yeah I should have gone the onion ring route, for whatever reason I thought they had different fries or I would have ordered something else, I really don’t like these kind of fries.

(Mr met) #62

I’m trying to remember the fries- but I think we usually go OR or chips…can’t remember the fries which leads me to believe that they must have been the crappy coated kind like you got…

(hcentro) #63

I think you are wrong. I am not a big fries guy but I actually prefer their crunchy type. Like a few others said I almost always get onion rings because they do a really good job with them.


Agree. I don’t care for Pour House fries.

(Wayne G. Robinson) #65

Fries? I’ve only found three places that have ‘real’ from-scratch fries. Pascal & Sabine, JSBBQ, and The Grand Tavern. I personally think the Belmar location of JSBBQ has lost a step or more - the fries aren’t what they used to be.

Everywhere else seems to serve some variety of frozen crap. Some do them better than others but most all are disappointing.

Anyone have a great fry place?

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Told you I really like this burger!! Sans bun because you know “healthy”. Lol I honestly haven’t had two burgers in two consecutive weeks in I don’t know how long.


The Whitechapels Project in Long branch (I started a thread on it) has delicious hand cut fries.

(Mr met) #68

Had regular cheeseburger last night with chips. Still my fav in the area, distancing itself from B.B. burgerwise each time


Went to the Sitting Duck for French onion soup late afternoon yesterday. On the happy hour menu, I saw Asian dumplings. Asked the bartender whether they were homemade or frozen. She said they’re homemade in Chinatown and every week, the chef drives to the city and gets a huge tray for both the Sitting Duck and Pour House. They were excellent as was the soup and the wine. Score!