Pour House / Sitting Duck Tinton Falls

I’ve seen this place discussed a number of times, mainly on other board. Finally gave it a go. Caveat, was take out so YMMV…
They couldn’t have been nicer over the phone for my order. Pick up was easy and prompt. There must have been 50 cars in the lot last Sat around 530 PM.

Kids chicken fingers with fries for the little one (they were nice to suggest this to me as the online menu doesn’t mention kids menu) were good, not greasy and good portion.

Mrs Met and I each had cheese steaks, mine with American and her the cheddar sauce. Cheddar sauce was good but a bit heavier than either of us were expecting, American was bigger hit. Also, we’re used to the Philly style cheese steaks (Pats over Genos although I’ve since learned they are both for the tourists and not locals…) as the Mrs went to school in Philly, so that’s our style (in Princeton area I recommend potato cheese steak at Steak and Hoagie in Plainsboro). The ones at Pour House are whole steak not chopped. They were good however, enjoyed, but would skip the cheddar next time, steak was tender not chewy at all, good bread, nice portion.
All in about $36 or so for the three meals with tax- very reasonable. Can’t comment on service other than phone and hostess who were both very nice, phone very much so.
I’ve seen the burger written up as well, might have to give that a try next time. Not sure it will be better than Barnacle Bills, but its a whole lot closer…
Also off topic got a pork roll egg and cheese at Brennan’s today. Bagel master version is better in my opinion. Better roll, better ratios as well. But the blueberry muffin at Brennan’s is amazing- would love to know where they get it from; and tier sandwiches for lunch are beyond reproach.

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Are you my son? You seem to be dining at the same places as my family this weekend! Lol Sunday morning we sent my son off to college with a pork roll egg and cheese from his favorite Bagel Masters, and late Sunday Night his mother and I had dinner at The Pour House. Gourmet it certainly is not, but good decent food at reasonable prices, absolutely. The burgers are excellent 2nd best in the area to Barnacle Bills, certainly worth a try. I prefer the food made at the bar on the grill to their kitchen food; burgers, grilled chicken, grilled clams, BBQ wings just to name a few are all excellent.

They always have a dozen plus specials all come with soup and/or salad, good service and excellent value.

Sit at the bar for the best service. PH have really good burgers if not great. Excellent French fries. At around $ 12.50 the California Bacon Cheeseburger with fries is one of the best in this area. Also Weds and Sunday prime rib special is good. But don’t get blue cheese dressing on the salad, it has led to numerous gastrointestinal issues.

Some of the rest of the stuff on the daily specials menu can be hit or miss. And the Manhattan clam chowder is a big miss. Huge chunks of potato and green peppers in tomato paste, with NO clams.

Finally, they are my closest sports bar and run half price appetizers during NFL games. Loaded potato skins, crab meltaways, and nachos are all pretty good off the appetizer menu.

Try going at 2-3 in the morning, not many tourists around then. Trust me.

tend to avoid that area at that time…unless VERY drunk…

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JR- as an answer to your question- were you in the NYC area much around the early winter of 1979???

I need to try the burger…next time we’ll do eat in to try the bar…although it might be tough with the jr mets fan…
Need a good burger close to home, the Five Guys over here is not good in my opinion and Barnacle Bills is too far sometimes…would be right in my wheelhouse…def agree with your assessment though, basic comfort type food in a relaxed setting…not too many of those types of places around here…

And Bagel Masters pork roll egg and cheese on a roll salt pepper ketchup is the best in the area hands down…although for bagels i now go Bagel Oven # 1, the new Brooklyn Bagels # 2 (plus they actually take credit cards), and then BM # 3…
Wherever JR junior (JR jr…??) is headed he’ll most likely miss the pork roll egg and cheese…

Is this the place that opened in Red Bank at the fork in the road by the new Walgreens and Foodtown? I have yet to try them, while I do like Bagel Oven, it’s twice as far as Bagel Masters and I literally have to pass BM to get there so there is just no reason for me to go.

yes- parking is sometimes an issue, but people tend to use Foodtown lot. I tend to go there for bagels now, need to try the PRE&C one day too.
I feel same as you and Bagel Oven, if I’m in area at all I go there…but on a Sat AM i punk out and stick close- esp since parking is an issue for BO…
I would recommend trying the new place- bagels are not as big dough bombs and the AC works as well…

I will have to give them a try, especially the next time I go to Bagel Masters and the line is out the door 20+ deep. That really annoys me, but I respect it from a business standpoint good for them!

Oh and with regard to your question regarding NYC area in 79’;

(In my best Maury Povich…who on a side note I once bought a bottle of wine for and he was a dick)

{{opening the envelope, reading the results}} Metsfan53…I am NOT your father!!!

The line issue at BM is annoying…I’ve turned around at 930AM when line is to the pet place almost…
I feel like they need to improve the order taking process which causes the back-up, although with the business they do i guess it doesn’t matter…i just wish it always wasn’t 95 degrees with 90% humidity in the store…my biggest bagel beefs are that they tend to overdo the non plain bagels often and they put raisins in the pumpernickel bagels…but the breakfast sandwiches cant be beat…and their flavored cream cheeses are the best around too.

to get back to Cheeseteaks- there was supposedly a really good place in Atlantic highlands for Cheesesteaks, but I thought I heard it closed- anyone have info??

That made me laugh. It hasn’t been long since the smoke was so consistently dense in the PH that the act of bringing a kid into the building was practically child abuse (raising a kid in a Mets family is already abusive enough).

As to that quest for a reliable burger close to home, I don’t think there’s a better one in that vicinity. The behind the bar grill is a part of it for me too (as it is at Frankie’s, Harpoon Willy’s, McCann’s, etc.).

Oh and, Viva Bagel Oven!!

Philly’s on 1 West Ave.

Haven’t been in a while, but they were solid when I had them in the past. So long in fact that I just called to make sure they are still open.

Yes, they are.

The italian pork sandwich at Phillys is pretty damn good but pricey.

Has anyone had the 18.99 Tuesday NY strip at pour house / sitting duck? It comes with soup, salad and baked potato. I’ve been meaning to try it.

It’s “ok”, like everything else there. Not bad, not great. It’s probably 12oz, so it’s a bit paltry for my liking. (I might have ordered 2 sometime ago)

FYI they have a 24oz Kansas City Sirloin on the regular menu for $24.95(?) maybe $29.95 that comes with a salad. I sit at the bar and order it, when it comes out of the kitchen I request (I’ve done it myself) they coat the steak with sea salt, (grinders on the bar) and pepper.

Prime rib special tonight, $ 19.99 with salad and baked potato at Pour House.

Get there early!! I went one night after an appt about 9:00 and they were out!!!

I’m going to duck and run, but I’m not a huge prime rib guy. Yes they are tasty but I’m a rib eye guy.
So who wants to argue? :slight_smile: I don’t lol. I’m just not a huge fan of oven steak.

I believe that Wednesday and Sunday are prime rib days at both the PH and the SD. I think it’s a great value. Go early before it’s gone.

Yep, Wednesday and Sunday. It’s kind plain bar food but the prime rib is a good value for the price, although it was a better value a couple years ago at $15.99.