potatoes au gratin


Most expensive potato dish EVER!

Overkill on the parsley I think too.

Thanks for sharing that.

Ok… maybe it’s b/c I’m only on my first cuppa, but… plz 'splain Old Blue Jean Salad.

It depends on where you are. A wheel of reblochon in a Paris supermaket is 5 euros. Here in Montreal I’ve seen rumors of prices as high as 29$ for the same thing.

The most expensive thing I’ve seen to make this week is “Bresse chicken in yellow wine” (Poulet de Bresse au Vin jaune):

  • Bresse chicken is one of the fanciest type of chicken made in France, a land known for the excellence of its products ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bresse_Gauloise) . Its protected (AOC) and costs 35.88 euros for a 2.5 kg bird (5.5 pounds approx) in France (see http://ain-saone-et-loire.lepanierpaysan.com/produit_poulet--de-bresse-aoc-effile-2.5kg_567.html ). You can’t have Bresse chicken in Canada
  • There is an attempt to raise “Bresse chicken” imitation in north america (be warned, however, that Bresse chicken is not only a species but a way to raise the chicken as well… similar to kobe beef in Japan). The blue foot chicken (you can’t call it “Bresse” since its protected) cost apparently 100 to 150$ for a 3 kilo bird and I would be wary of the comparison vs the authentic thing (just as I’m wary of the “american kobe” vs “japanese kobe” comparison). The American system usually want to make money. France and Japan tends to focus on tradition (in food production, at least). It makes for different products.
  • The least expensive bottle of vin jaune in my city costs 56$ (its a specific vine from jura)
  • Its also made with morille, which are pretty expensive.

So, you take a bird you can’t buy, prepare it with a wine you would never cook with to begin with and use morille in the sauce and you have that recipe:


I lived in France not far from Bresse. I know their chicken well. Also Charolaise Beef.

[quote=“linguafood, post:22, topic:3071”]
Old Blue Jean Salad.
[/quote] My guess would be Aubergine Salad.


Color me impressed!

Had me scratching my head.

Grey’s right Aubergine Salat.

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Cool! What a nice experience to have!

I’ve been curious about this chicken even since I’ve heard about it.

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