Post deletions???

I got into (actually probably initiated) what I thought might be a too political, exchange very briefly last night in this topic: More Chowhound Shenanigans

This morning the few suspect posts were gone. My question is about this site’s methodology when this kind of thing happens. Just so I’ll know for future reference. Who actually deletes posts? Are they deleted only if they’re flagged by users, or does the site also weigh in autonomously? Is there no email sent to people who are deleted so they are sure to understand why?

As I said, I likely started this (or at least made a maybe-not-so veiled response that did) and do get the concern. I’d just like to understand the boundaries more clearly. Is there a FAQ section I can be directed to? Thank you.

I got an explanation on the deletion.
I’m good. My comment wasn’t meant to be disparaging, just explanatory.

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I didn’t, and (as I said) thought I probably started it. I’m good too but wondered how this works here.

I had a couple posts deleted the other day, but I got an email from @hungryonion explaining why they were removed.

I sent you a note. Forgot to email you earlier when I removed a couple of posts. Hope that helps.

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