More Chowhound Shenanigans

Looks like the whole topic is gone, not just your HO post. Not really surprised, though.

I sent Sampson a message. I don’t think it will be a problem.

Yep, saw that.

At least CH just deletes and doesn’t post back with some inane response.

Clearly I’m missing something here…


What? Nonsense. So please post away! If someone gives you problem, flag them.

I am going to let the board name stay as is though, since Long Island is part of NY state.


I agree with you! Funny how territorial people can be though, especially in this area. I got a negative comment on the NJ board once too, but they were correct that I don’t live there. I am careful now to just read them and not make any comments.

I only come here to relax really… I have never flagged anyone yet, I just move on. Wish I had now, because I’m not even positive what it was that got my goat ;-).

Thanks for your reply though, I feel much better now!


Wow! I read all kinds of regional discussions, if the subject matter looks interesting. I enjoy traveling to all parts and learning tips from locals is one of the perks of this type of board. How upsetting to learn you got chewed out for posting somewhere you didn’t live?? I must have lucked out when throwing my two cents into discussions.


But LI people don’t feel welcome here so I thought it would be better to call it out…Yes? No?

The confusing thing is, I DO live in NY, just not in the county the other posters were from. We were discussing a grocery chain that is in both of our areas so thought I’d chip in… if you ever reply on “New York”, let us know how you make out :wink:


I, for one, appreciate you bringing it up. So, thanks!! It’s been bothering me for some time now, to tell the truth. To the point that I hesitate to post as much as I’d like to. Wasn’t sure if I was in the wrong or not.

Happy to help. I want everyone to be happy posting here! So welcome back and post away!!!


Please post comments on the nj board. I like visitors.

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Thanks :wink:

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Here’s one - and I’ve seen this before

Got the big 404 on that one, @winecountrygirl.


What is that graphic? A pizza bagel? Sprinkle dusted donut? A wheel of progress?


Well, it’s most DEFINITELY not the last one.

I’m thinking it’s more like one of those wheels of fortune where the carnival barker calls out “Round and round and round it goes! Where it will stop, nobody knows!” and then it lands on the big fat zero. No matter how hard you try, you can never win the blue kitty or the stuffed sunflower hanging above your head.


In addition to the multiple daily one-and-done post (recipe and link to blog or website), there’s certainly been a lot of spam lately. This ad has been up for over half an hour, despite flagging it.


Jeezus. Whoever is supervising their ad placements is REALLY poor at their job!

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