positive UES developments

  • Kossar’s opened, I’d forgotten how good a bialy can be!
  • Thompson Sq bagels is opening in lenox hill
  • Daves famous chicken is opening (to be fair, I’ve never had their stuff)
  • Super taste is opening in august
  • Vanessa’s opened (haven’t been yet)
  • Thai Hot box is good for manhattan thai

from a food perspective, starting to feel better about the area!


Well that’s exciting!

(Vanessa’s - meh, I don’t love their dumplings anyway, and the UES ones were pretty doughy when we ordered them in)

when the dumplings were 8 for $1 in chinatown and the peking duck sandwich $3 or $4, we’d bring the kids, give them $10 each and they loved it. the dumplings were decent and the hot, sesame bread stuff with duck became family fav comfort food. But yes, I’m guessing their food didn’t transfer to the UES all that well. Or probably for $1 I wasn’t too demanding.

hopefully super taste will be good! Kossar’s is just down the street from oslo coffee, a nice one, two.

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I am not in the cult of Supertaste. It’s a good cheap (not even that cheap anymore!) bowl of soup, but not really worth going out of your way for. Then again, if it’s just right there…

Guessing if you lived in the ocean of Irish pubs and Italian restaurants that is the UES, I’m guessing you’d be first in line for a Super Taste cult membership card.

That’s a pretty safe bet. But I’ve had some nice meals up there (it’s one of the neighborhoods I work in). There used to be a good Shaghainese place on 3rd (maybe Evergreen?), a Korean place on 62nd & Lex (Helen’s), a couple of Turkish places, a good sushi place on 1st around 72nd. I’m not around much at dinner time anymore, though. And I’m brain-dead today, or I’d be able to think of more actual names and locations.

Hey @vinouspleasure – any update on Kossar’s and Thompson Sq UES locations?

(My sib was ordering Kossar’s bialys from Goldbely and I didn’t have a good answer on their bagels, so we stuck with Pick-A and Ess-A)

Asking for a friend…

more UES openings, CM Korean fried chicken is part of a chain that has generally played to warm reviews, taim has signage up and lenox hill thai has gotten good press.

I loved our Ctown grocery in Westchester, pre-covid they had a good steam lunch consisting of pernil and a set of rotating dishes, the bakery had a great selection of Ecuadorian, Columbian, and Peruvian baked goods and just about any south America spice or dried chili could be found.

Our Ctown on the UES is about 1/10 the size and by necessity, stocks mostly staples with a small but interesting selection of ethnic ingredients. Stopped by yesterday, much to my surprise found they’d dedicated a small shelf to Korean snacks including my all-time favorite, Tteokbokki chips!


Whatever happened to the H-mart that was supposed to be opening?

Little birdie tell me they don’t think it’s happening anymore …

forgot abou that! hopefully they’ll find another site on the ues.