Pork Stock Base

Is there a commercially available pork stock base that’s any good? Better Than Bouillon has a Ham Stock base but I don’t want any smokiness. On Amazon there’s several Asian varieties which seem to be for ramen but I’m at a loss which one might be good. I don’t trust reviews anymore. I’m making a pork roast today and I’ll make some sort of gravy using real and artificial ingredients :grinning: and I’d like to have a pork flavored “enhancement”. This is something I won’t use often so being shelf stable after opening would be a plus but a paste is OK too. I’ll just keep it in my freezer. Thanks!

Penzeys is very good. I’m not a fan of “smokiness” so this works for me. Maybe you could spoon it out on parchment paper in 1 tsp. increments and freeze that way, then put into a container for ease of removal from the freezer?


Thanks, I picked a jar up and used it to make gravy for a pork roast. Very good!

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I was just going to recommend the very same product. I think you’ll be well pleased with it.

Minor’s. https://minorsfoodservice.com/products/bases/pork-bases

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