Pork roll vs Taylor ham. Let's start a new thread

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This is an experiment. I’ve never tried to run a poll here. Thanks to @naf for showing me how to do this but I doubt I’m smart enough to pull this off lol. What do you call it and after you vote where is your location? And last but not least, what are your favorite spots and/or recipes? I’m in monmouth county so everyone around here calls it pork roll, at least in my circle :smile:

  • pork roll
  • taylor ham

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I voted pork roll!!!

Well I now seem dumber than I already look @CurlzNJ lol.

So let me start it off…

I like to cook my own but I’m always down for some good local spots. I have a deli slicer so I like to cut it pretty thin and get it crispy. I’m a fan of the bagel station in rb on an everything bagel.

For most part I prefer bagel masters locally. I prefer it a bit thicker and nice chew not crispy. Egg and cheese salt pepper ketchup on roll

Well pork roll is kind of like one of life’s simple pleasures, even if it isn’t great it is still pretty good!

Different strokes for different folks, but I like it all. I live pretty close to slaters. Have you tried that monster?

Not yet. Had bad experience at the other location. Isn’t the whole hah that it’s huge? Is it any good?
If you find yourself in plainsboro area bagel street grill makes a loaded pork roll burger with pro roll mixed in on bagel with tots. Pretty money.

Will throw in that I go bagel oven as top bagel place in area with hot bagels near food town as number two. This is bagel only rankings

Also very jealous of the slicer. Do you make cheesesteak with it? Slicing up ribeye

Yeah I bought it to make cheese steaks years ago but ribeyes are so damn expensive now that I feel bad slicing them up. Chicken cheese steaks are actually quite tasty if you know how to make them. They are like a 6th of the price too.

Slaters makes a fine sandwich but it is not balanced for me. The meat is just too much. This is coming from from a guy that’s 100% carnivore too. Tons of people love them, and I do too, but I just think there are better versions out there.

I am in Red Bank. Best pork roll is at my house. Buy Taylor and slice it the way I want it for that day. Width and cooking method (fry or broil) varies with what I am eating it with/on.

Has anyone tried that pork roll truck in red bank?

Johnny’s? Have not tried yet but have heard decent things.

Bagel Oven for the best classic bagel around…better than most NY ones these days. This was “proven” in a blind competition, when my daughter interned at large ladies magazine in the food department. Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, North Jersey, and Bagel Oven were represented. Bagel Oven won :smiley:

As to the lure of pork roll, my daughter is in Rome for a semester and we are visiting next week. Her requests are pork roll and bagels.

All that good cured meat that she has been instagramming and pork roll is what she wants.


No bagels in Rome? Interesting

How many sleeves of pork roll will it take to trade for a di Parma shank of prosciutto? :joy:

@bbqboy any good bagels out there? I have not had a decent bagel outside of the tristate area. I’m not sure why, but that’s one thing they do well around here.


I don’t know about “no” bagels, but she wants hers, from home.

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I just googled Bagel Oven in Red Bank, their FB page says they are permanently closed

Don’t know about their FB page, but Google has them open.

Give them a call, but I’d be shocked if they are closed…(732) 842-1141

They answered, so not closed. I may have to take a trip one day to get a bagel for the wife since I can’t eat them

I have lived in Somerset County and Middlesex County more than half of my life. It’s Pork Roll. If you call it “Taylor Ham” I refuse to eat it. In fact, I don’t like Taylor brand. I like Case’s Tangy.

I hate ham, but like bacon, ground pork is okay, and pork roll.

I’ll tell you a great recipe I have… buy a whole porkroll and slice it, but don’t go all the way through… you can stud it with cloves between the slices, pineapple, and brush it with BBQ sauce and bake it like a ham. This was out of a book from the 50’s or 60’s. I can’t find it at the moment.

Someone makes porkroll hot dogs, but I think they’re not very good.

I remain baffled as to why this subject is a “debate” or fodder for so many stories in papers and magazines (other than they simple run out of things to say and their editors are desperate for any sort of content). It’s a regional thing, obviously, and it’s not all that interesting.

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Johnny’s Pork Roll truck is excellent… thin sliced well done…I think he gets his rolls from Caputo’s in LB as well! Had a couple of beers with him when we had his truck at K of C in Fair Haven. He is passionate about pork roll.