Pork roll, egg, and cheese in Monmouth County (or elsewhere on the shore)?

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Well it was sliced pretty badly but I detect an indentation in the middle.

Thinking about it, it would probably be difficult to come up with something less kosher than pork roll, egg and cheese on a bagel…


lol … egg bagels generally suck because the texture suffers
but this one is a better looking … it’s also from NY


I know a guy that owns a bagel store and he said they are simply regular bagels with food coloring. Maybe he was pulling my chain…For what it’s worth.


Pulling your chain
Am I the only one having issues today with the site
just doesn’t want to load!


I haven’t had a problem today…was viewing it on my phone during the day and now I’m on my laptop…


TY … must be me
odd, other sites are loading fine

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Last couple of days and it’s the whole internet.

I suspect someone out there is turning the NSA bag of dirty tricks loose.

They never tell you when it’s happening, usually it’s like a week after.

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Well call me bias - you should have come to the truck… We would have shown you the best path to PorkRoll Bliss’ness in Asbury Park… Oink Oink Bro #PorkRollTruck