Pork jowls - preparation/recipe talk

available today, August 6, at Mai Wah market on Clement Street, San Francisco. Package of 4. Fresh.

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What do you make with them?

aka pork cheeks. Braise them… or par cook and BBQ or stir fry

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I just cooked those for the first time about a month ago. Braising worked very well - in tacos the first day, and with rice and stir-fried vegetables the next. Very rich, very delicious!


I was just excited to find them since beef cheeks and pork cheese, and for that matter halibut cheeks, seldom find their way into butchershop cases. They are sucked up by restaurants, or can be ordered from your butcher in 10 pound cases. So a reasonably sized portion was interesting.


Love this cut but needs to be ordered. We only have the most basic cuts of meat here in food hell and many cuts you can’t even order.

I enjoyed it in France.

I also had Fondant de veau braised in cognac.

Beef cheeks with honey (also in France).


This kind of texture is what we called “threads of meat”.


I read an article about making guanciale, but I seem to recall the appropriate refrigeration to be an issue.

Here it is; from The Pampered Chef

Here’s on from Jason Price. Not that I know who that is.

“Short cut” from Marc Vetri via New York Times

“The key is to cut off the glands, down to the first level of meat, and all excess fat. Here is Mr. Vetri’s recipe:”

With a comment from " Nice Jewish Boy", “I don’t understand the roasting of the meat! It might be quick but it’s roast pork, NOT guanciale…”

And from from Hank Shaw of Hunter- Angler -Gardener- Cook.

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This recipe from Mark Sargeant would be my usual one for pork cheeks. I recall several of us who were then contributing ot the UK board of egullet cooked it - and we all reckoned the amount of honey needs cutting down significantly. You still need it sweet but nowhere near that sweet - other than that, it’s a good recipe.

By the by, I’ve Sargeant’s food twice. First when he was working for Gordon Ramsay, opening the Devonshire gastropub. And, more recently at his seafood restaurant in Folkestone - which was fine until I realised, the next evening, that an almost certain “off” mussel caused me the obvious problems - right in the middle of a Michelin 2* meal in Belgium. Put bluntly, I had the severe shits for 24 hours.