Poppy seed, your favorite way to enjoy them

From salad dressing to bagels, danish to muffins whats not to love about poppy seeds.

How do you use poppy seeds?


I think it was here on Hungry Onion someone introduced me to German poppy seed cake. I love it. There are other similar German/Austrian streudels and tarts, too, which feature poppy seeds.


Oh yes! I have never baked them but the Russian market near me does and they are so good with hot tea.

Rugelach with a poppy seed filling is delicious.


I tolerate poppyseeds on my everything bagel, and in everything spice mix, but don’t order poppyseed bagels. I’m just not convinced they have much flavor, and no matter what i have to floss diligently immediately after eating them (which is obnoxious if I’m not at home) so I don’t seek them out.
Sesame seeds and onions seeds are a totally different story

What we suffer for our favorite things. I hear ya! I still adore all seeds.

I LURV poppy seeds. They’re a very popular breakfast roll (Brötchen) topping in Germany.

Sesame & poppy combined even better. And I love German poppy seed cake, too.

I like their crunch and toasty, nutty flavor. Not so much the remnants between my teeth.


I think poppy seeds in salad dressing or dip is a waste of good seeds.

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You reminded me of the Seinfeld poppy seed / drug test episode (start at 0:30)

For an interesting take on poppy seeds look up Bengali Indian recipes with the word “posto” or “poshto” - they use a paste of poppy seeds to thicken the gravy and make it richer (like some north indian recipes use cashew paste)


Interesting info. I will read up!

I like lemon poppyseed loaf or muffins.

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Me too. I like lemon poppy seed muffins.

Like them on bagels, but never smile after I eat them!





Which non dairy butter brand would you recommend?

Earth balance original is my go-to, probably since it was the first tasty one out there to use as a condiment. Trader joe’s has it at a good price too. Miyokos is amazing- but so amazing (and expensive) I would use for toast or popcorn, not cookies.
And of course if you want to use regular dairy butter because you’re not concerned about them being vegan and already have butter around the just do that

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