Polar Seltzer: winter limited edition flavors, NOM!

So far, cranberry and clementine is my favorite. Blackberry apple is also nice, but in general, I’m not as into apple seltzer.

People would tell you seltzer is seltzer, but my mom will buy other flavored brands, and even she agrees Polar is better. Plus, local-ish for me, being from New England.

So all three flavors are only limited to winter? You may have to stock up your cranberry and clementine then.

Yes, they come out with these limited edition ones each summer and fall, something new. All year, they have their regular line up, my fave of which is black cherry. I think there was one more flavor I didn’t pick up.

I love love love Polar Seltzer!!! I’ve only been able to find the Blackberry Apple and Champagne Strawberry so far this year - the Champagne Strawberry is a favorite from last year and I would love to see it made year round! I like the Blackberry Apple too, better than last year’s Blackberry Bergamot. I am dying to try the Tart Cherry with Lime and the Winter Citrus and Berry, so I’ll be on the lookout for those. The Cranberry Clementine is a repeat from last year and I thought it was only ok.

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I drink a lot of seltzer but I am a puritan can’t stand the flavored ones - they always have tons of flavored in stock and no plain drives me nuts

I’m totally digging champagne strawberry, but don’t remember it from last year. How did I miss that?

I still have butter rum from last winter! Mmm, winter citrus & berry is nice-nice, too. I’m enjoying these limited edition flavors very much! Very funny timing you’d find this post and chime in–went to the store last night fully intending to grab several champagne strawberries (5 for $4 at Stop & Shop) only to find someone had beaten me and cleaned out the whole supply! So I took five tart cherry and limes and called it a night. :smile:

Have a sparkling weekend!

The fruit ones are (to me) more successful than the non-fruit (butter rum, chocolate mint, eggnog) from previous years. I really like the Blackberry Apple, but all four are really nice, though I admit that none scream “HOLIDAYS!” this year.

I am never a fan of the non-fruit flavors, but my husband was OBSESSED with the Toasted Coconut from a couple of years ago. It tasted like drinking sunscreen, IMO!

Well, just the “champagne” part of strawberry (in terms of LET’S CELEBRATE), but sure do wish, along with biondanonima, that flavor would be year-round.

LOL, he could share with my mom. :slight_smile:

Jealous of your Cherry Limes! I can’t wait to try that one. I’ll have to see if our local Stop and Shop is running that sale, too!

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LOVE the strawberry champagne. was so happy this came back!!!

love those polar flavor pixies!!

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If it sells well enough, it could be! If I’m remembering correctly, Vanilla Pear and Granny Smith Apple were both seasonal flavors that ‘graduated’ to year-round.

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Found the Tart Cherry and Winter Citrus today! I drank a Tart Cherry at room temperature - I like it, although the cherry flavor isn’t as pronounced as I was hoping. It also has a little of that fake Robitussin-y quality that I dislike about Polar’s Black Cherry (and most cherry-flavored things, to be honest). The Winter Citrus is in the fridge and is next up on the menu!

I wonder if it’s one of those things like cilantro, where you either get soap or a tasty herb/cough medicine or cherry flavor. :slight_smile:

I think kids who were brought up on fake-cherry cough syrup are extra sensitive to that flavor note, since it immediately brings back memories of horrible colds. People who think cilantro tastes like soap are just weird! :wink:

-limited edition badge…thanks for showing that. Was shopping the other day and was looking for the special ones…ended up with blueberry

In our local Stop & Shops, they’re on endcaps toward the back of the store. They were 5 for $4, so I cleaned out G’bury of all the champagne strawberries. :slight_smile:

Report back on the Winter Citrus - YUM! The initial burst of flavor is just like those little orange children’s aspirins I loved as a kid, then the berry flavor comes in as a background note. I’ll be hoarding this one and the Blackberry Apple all winter long!

i had the cranberry-clementine and tart cherry-lime over thanksgiving and liked them both. the winter citrus sounds great as well. here in new england, market basket (yes, the market basket of last year’s drama) has them on sale 4/$3. i stock up when i go this week.

of the standard flavors, i’ve always liked the black cherry, but recently, the pomegranate’s become my favorite.