Polar Seltzer: winter limited edition flavors, NOM!

Well that’s why I can’t find’em, thanks alot! Stay in your own S&S!

You didn’t grab all the Method hibiscus on sale in my S&S as payback, now, did you?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

my mom had to hide the baby aspirin from me because i would nomnomnom when she wasn’t around. same with flintstone vitamins. i HATED that winter citru and was so happy i only bought one!

Really? That’s so funny - I thought it tasted JUST like baby aspirin, in a good way! Maybe it was the berry aftertaste that you didn’t care for? My husband said he wished it were just citrus, no berry…

I noticed on my last couple of trips to the store, there’s now a strawberry (regular, not seasonal “champagne strawberry”). Am guessing it’s the very same thing. Need to taste test to figure it out for sure. Was strawberry always in the line up and I just missed it, or recently added?

strawberry is within the last couple of years.

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