Poached Eggs

I didn’t even know that!

Even on my recent trip to Italy, we found that powdered eggs had snuck into some of the breakfast offerings. Some had real eggs, but I’m not a fan of scrambled anyway, so it was no loss for me to avoid them.


Brutal! An effect of globalization!

I don’t like scrambled, unless other tastier things are mixer in.

I’m thinking less globalization and more portion and cost control.

Not sure how it’s globalization if didn’t stay in a single US flagged hotel the whole time (and only one EU-based chain…most of the trip was small jndependently owned properties)…but thanks for assuming I only stayed in soulless boxes…?!

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Ah, but on along Navy cruise or a camping trip they taste much better.

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I do not use these, but I have in the past. They are hard to find but quite good if you want your poached eggs neatly shaped.


And I have no desire to do either! Lol

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I remember flirting with these at an upscale kitchen shop. The proprietor’s wife approached me as said, “You don’t want those silly things, I go home everyday at 3, and cook makes me a poached egg for tea by just dropping the egg in simmering water. Don’t waste your money or time with those.” Of course I hadn’t the nerve then to buy them.


There are these ones which hook on to the pan and are silicone:


A gentle, very gentle, swirl in acidulated water and slip the eggs in from a custard cup. Easy and elegant.


They are actually pretty nifty, but clean up on tender tin can be hard.

Right up there with powdered Hollandaise sauce!

Thank you for sharing this, I used them first time this morning. Came out pretty well, will use a different pan and touch more oil going forward. The bottom stuck a little when getting them out and on broke.
4 minutes in the water and I think I would vary that based on the size of the eggs.


Nice! I usually invert the eggs onto a wide spatula, so that I can set them flat side down. Otherwise my poached egg slides right off of whatever I put it on.

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Also, yours show brilliantly.

I eat with my eyes more than a lot of people, I think. Ugly Delicious? I might never know, 'cause I’m very wary of ugly food.


Thanks, tasted better than they looked. Dumped some hot sauce on them after the photo.
My DH turned his over and popped them out so they didn’t slide around, after he saw mine.
We are planning our next purgatory eggs dinner and the eggs in red wine that Pilgrim posted above.

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Knorr’s is passable when you’re in a pinch.

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I wasn’t assuming you stayed in soulless boxes.

I mix it up. I try to stay in small indie hotels, quirky B& Bs, but I also stay in historic hotels. Some historic hotels are affiliated with Marriott through the Autograph Collection, (the Algonquin in NYC, the old train station now a hotel in Nashville , some historic hotels in London UK), so I’m a loyal Marriott customer for points.

In very small town Alberta and Saskatchewan, the clean hotel option is a small chain.

I also stay at the occasional Best Western, Omni, iPrefer, Comfort Inn, so I keep loyalty cards for them all.

I have seen powdered eggs sneak into a lot of the breakfasts at these places.

At the indie hotels where I stayed pre-pandemic, off the top of my head, 15 Keys in Rome in 2017 and Platzl Hotel in Munich in 2019, the included breakfast buffet was so amazing I didn’t notice the eggs.

My last hotel that included a breakfast was in Japan. The eggs weren’t powdered. I mostly ate other things because the eggs were scrambled.

I suppose when I think of poached eggs they’re poached in water, rather than as a component in, say, shakshouka.