Poach Pods

OK, so this morning Wahine wanted poached eggs for a change, so I broke out the Pods. Washed, carefully dried, buttered and a dash of Tobasco. The last 4 eggs in the house go in, they poach and turn out of the Pods beautifully. Perfect doneness!

What could be wrong with that picture?

Well, the eggs took on the stale, plastic-y “refrigerator” smell, and perfectly imbued Wahine’s eggs with it. Yummmm, like sniffing a rancid old ice cube tray between bites!

The Pods were nowhere–never–near any enclosed or refrigerated spaces. Yet they took on this horrible odor that no washing will remove.

I’ve tossed them (along with their ridiculous “lifter”), and this may be the last silicone molds I ever buy. What a waste of money! Back to what I should have known was the right way to poach eggs.


As a lifelong failure at poaching eggs, I’ve bought my share of gadgets and what have yous.

These were some of the more useless ones.

I’d had them for years and use them whenever I make poached eggs. They’ve never developed an off-odor, and they work perfectly. Sure, I could poach an egg the “regular” way, but this is easier. I feel the same way about my rice cooker.

I’ve looked at them with some interest, though I have no problem poaching eggs in a shallow pan, but I fondly remember the perfect ones in size and distribution of white and yolk that came out of a poacher like this when I was growing up: http://www.amazon.com/Norpro-Stainless-Steel-Poacher-Skillet/dp/B00009ND90 I refuse to buy things that just do one thing/food, but I still miss those beautiful, perfectly shaped eggs. Don’t waste any money on those ridiculous metal poachers from WS, either. I threw them out. It’s either a shallow pan and a slotted spoon for me, or those metal ones. I wish I’d kept my mother’s.

Where and with what were you storing the silicone? I’ve never had any of my spatulas or basters take on any smells, I always run them on the top rack of the dishwasher. I never actually have cooked anything on or in it.

I stored them loose in a tub containing other utensils, in a well-ventillated cabinet.

I haven’ t noticed this stink with spatulae either, but I’ m not cooking food on them. I have noticed it with the $$$ silicone ice cube trays…

I’ve tried all the tricks with boiling water, then–I bought a Demeyere Poacher:

It sort of steams the egg–no sogginess. It’s really terrific!

The pan also works by itself as a small saute pan.


I grew up with the same device, tho these are more like steamed than poached eggs… we’d add a dab of butter in the cups.

Was so excited when I found a similar one here… but the cups were too small for any eggs :frowning:

I had these, as well, and ditched them. The eggs stuck in there, even after swiping the insides with some grease.

Yes, more sticky than one would expect. I thought they were prone to swamping, too.

Which raises the issue of what “poaching” really is. If it’s cooking IN water (or oil), the Poach Pods aren’t poaching at all.

Well, I guess the upper part is like a shirred egg. But the rest is sitting in hot water up to its brim, so… my mother put butter in the bottoms, too. I remember the cups were aluminum and had little toggle handles that got really, really hot. I loved how perfectly a medium cooked one splooshed over a slice of toast.

Ours was a pan with an inlet on top that had 4 indentations for the cracked eggs & a lid. It was pretty perfect :slight_smile:

It didn’t have individual removable cups? Not picturing it.

I got excited when I saw this post as my egg poaching sucks. Oh well.


Are you using vinegar in your water? 1T per quart is about right.

I should have this as my cooking goal for the year :slight_smile: I’ve used vinegar. How deep/much is your water? I SO love PE :smile:

I haven’t forgotten about you. We’re just super busy getting the place livable :slight_smile: The most cooking I’ve done is some scrambled eggs with vegetables and cheese.

Ha! I swear my parents still have and use the same exact insert for their pan from when i was growing up- the metal cups fit the egg perfectly to make a fool proof poached egg that easily slips out (if you don’t scorch your fingertips on the metal egg cups!)

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