Please recommend kitchen shoes

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I will be starting a dishwasher job soon. It’s been a while since I worked in a kitchen and I’m not up on the latest shoe trends, and can’t remember what I previously wore.

I’d like to get shoes with the following features:

  • slip-resistant (the best non-slip resistant shoes). What kind of bottom tread design should I look for?
  • water resistant or possibly water proof (but not mandatory)
  • oil and chemical resistant
  • casual design (not clogs)
  • under $60.00

What brands should I look for?

Find them locally for proper fit. Then invest. Without solid footwear the job will be a slog.

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I wear Dansko clogs now but if you don’t want clogs I think I used to wear Sketchers with a heavy sole.

Don’t worry about fashion, the shoes will get destroyed! Comfort and function are much more important.


Thanks Rooster. I bit over my budget, but they look solid.

You can find them for less. Just keep an eye out. They save my feet at music fests and loading tour buses!

Thanks, I see Dansko does also make casual/sneaker safety shoes that are waterproof.

I’ve just been reading about Skechers work shoes, as well as Shoes for Crews. I’ll have to check up on these as well.

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Under $100 here with online discount code.

Man or woman and what size? Basspro/cabelas has some good clearance sales sometimes.

Men’s. size 8.5

Just wanted to update my thread. Since posting this, I’ve tried both Skechers and Shoes for Crews, both bought at a bit over my budget but I think it was worth comparing.

I bought a lace up Shoes for Crews (Evolution II) with extra cushioning, and these have lasted a long time and are very comfortable. I also bought Skechers Nampa Groton foodservice shoe (slip on) and these have been fairly comfortable as well.

After wearing both for a couple of years, I decided I liked the slip on style better. But that I also preferred the Shoes for Crews overall to the Skechers.

The Shoes for Crews seemed to be better made, have a nicer padded ankle collar, are easier to keep clean (comes with a pick to clean debris from the outer sole, plus have a smooth leather/synthetic upper, which makes it easier to just wipe off, as opposed to the more pebbly upper on the Skechers).

Since I liked the slip on style better (easier to put on and don’t have to clean food spilled on the laces) I ordered the Shoes for Crews Cater II slip on style and really like them. My previous laced Evolution II are now almost worn out.

For anyone out there looking for foodservice nonslip shoes, I would give Shoes for Crews serious consideration. Haven’t tried Dansko yet, but they are bit harder to find here in Canada and more expensive.

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