Please help with "bland" appetizer suggestions

I have a get together which includes a friend who has some sort of issue and maintains a bland diet. She can’t eat anything with onions, garlic, spices, most herbs, etc. (me, I would say just shoot me now, but she carries on.) She also doesn’t eat red meat. Please help me with some menu suggestions. So far I’m planning to put out a smoked salmon plate (I know she’ll eat & enjoy that), some veggies & dill dip, a cheese plate (couple cheeses, apple, fig jam, almonds, salami which she won’t touch, sun dried tomatos), salted cashews, and some peppermint bark (which may even be too spicy for her). I feel like I need something else. I’m thinking something with puff pastry, maybe pinwheels. I was thinking sun dried tomato & cheese, but that seems redundant. Any ideas for fillings? Or other ideas?? Thanks!!

Puff pastry with a crab-mayonnaise filling, maybe a little celery for crunch? (or just serve the crab filling on celery, or endive)

If you live near a good cheese store, you could make pan-fried cheese crisps from Italy that have noting but olive oil and cheese in them:

Does she eat turkey? Maybe turkey/cream cheese pinwheels, with spinach, sun dried tomato? Or instead of turkey just swiss cheese and any greens/veg she eats

[Edited to add another thought: You can dye a few hard boiled eggs in beet juice, without adding any other spices. Sprinkle them with salt or “devil” the yolks if you like but keep it bland, or replace the yolks with a ricotta-based filling, or anything she might like.

I think you have plenty already!


I agree. Just up the amount of each depending on the number of guests.

A plate of saltine crackers with a glass of water?

I like smoked salmon and cream cheese pinwheels made with flour tortillas. I usually put pickled red onions and chopped capers in them, but you could leave them out.

deviled eggs without the deviling.

I agree with you, but why not some deviled eggs with just some mayo, mustard and some relish?
A plate of nuts, in their shells and give her, her own nut cracker… perhaps a frittata, served room temperature
How about some quiche tartlets?