Please help pick an appropriate User Content License

Need advice from folks familiar with content licensing and copyrights:

One of the topics raised recently was the user content license for the site. The original intent was that the poster retains the right of the content, not the site itself so professional writers can feel comfortable that they retain the rights to their work and not worry that this site will ‘steal their work’. Other users of course should be able to quote others’ posts with attribution.

Given that, is the current user content license appropriate?

If not, what would be an appropriate license to use? Thanks!

I work in IP and contracts but don’t specialize in copyrights. There could be someone else that is more knowledgable. I am not an attorney, this is not legal advice.

I think the license is fine but you should clarify that the person who is posting retains ownership of the content they’ve posted. The license is between the poster/owner and HO to allow HO to display/share the content. The license is also between the reader and HO to set forth how the reader may use the material on HO.

That’s my layperson opinion so hopefully a copyright lawyer will chime in.

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Also work with content and lic. I believe (for now anyway) the terms are appropriate

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There are some professional restrictions on my ability to offer comments here, and I’m about to leave for a several days in Montreal.

If you’d like to send me an email, after you’ve received public comments, I’d be happy help you with this issue.