Pizza Rustica, your version

Every Easter my sister makes one. This year I’d like to try.
Any suggestions on approaching the ingredients?


Thanks for this. I made quite a few “quite a few” years ago. Tedious but not difficult. Seem to remember both mortadella and salami as being part of the filling. Look forward to your adventures.

ETA just read the filling ingredients in your linked recipe. Sounds fabulous!

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Reminds me of the timbale recipe in Big Night . One of these days I’m going to make it . It sounds grand . The timbale.


Interesting, I think I saw you mention this in another thread and honestly I had no idea what you were talking about. The “pizza” aspect threw me off, we just call these meat pies. I’ve never made one so I don’t really have anything else to offer especially regarding approaching the ingredients. If you ever want to know about approaching a sleeping bear then I’m your man!

This does not look like any deep dish pizza I’ve seen.
Looks good, but is it pizza?

Every Easter we had some version. I only know it as pizza rustica. Because it’s popular at Easter, Easter pie was the coined name. Italian meat and cheeses are only part of it. Artichokes, roasted peppers, eggs. Clean out the frig. Made with pizza dough, pie crust or puffed pastry versions.


As I remember it, it was called torta rustica. Same thing a little more descriptive.

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Searching Pizza torta also turned up pizza cake as in layer cake. A lazy mans version to be sure. I’m sticking with the recipe linked here and plan to add a few other fillings. :crossed_fingers:

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There are probably as many versions as there are Italian grandmothers, This one is within tolerance of what I used to make.

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Thank you. This is closer to what I wanted.

As I suggested, once you have the crust in the mold, you can add ingredients to your heart’s (and wallet’s) content. Many have layers of different meats. Hard boiled eggs. Cheese. An Italian pantry in a pie!