Pizza-Pizza-Pizza!!! Monmouth County NJ

Vics 8.3. Lots of love for local spots. so happy to see them do well on reviews that huge numbers watch!


Del Pontes in BB got 8.2
Ive never been there and not much discussion about them on here. The Bakery is awesome, may fav in the area- will have to try a pice now too.

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Pizza is really good. Shocked it doesn’t get much love here.


NunZios LB 8.6
Does anyone have any thoughts? never heard of it prior, but that’s a monster score. Place looks amazing, total old school joint


Luigis lincroft 8.1

I grew up in the area. Been to Nunzios a handful of times. My family actually preferred Freddies on Broadway in LB when they were open. They sadly closed after 75 years in business, but that was a while ago. Nunzio’s was a very close second. Old school pizza restaurant. The same level as Vic’s in Bradley Beach. Very very good, and an 8.6 while I think is a little high; I would have gave the edge to Vic’s, is in the realm, and I’m glad they got it. Now ever since that review came out, they have been selling out nightly at around 6ish. So either get there early or wait till the hype dies down or just drive to Vics. You can’t go wrong.

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Have to give them a shot. Vics as well. Glad to see local spots doing well though
Hyper locally I’m a brothers in RB guy
Little farther out I go Pete and eldas
My fav is Deninos in brick, almost as good as the og location in SI

Since moving to Hazlet I’ve only really had pizza from 2 places. Keyport pizza and Salernos.

Keyport pizza is no bueno for me. Crust is meh and not enough cheese and sauce.

Salernos on the other hand is pretty great. Awesome crust and no shortage of sauce and cheese. If anything some times there’s too much sauce and cheese. Only slighly potential downside is that their sauce is really sweet, so when it’s overloaded it can go overboard.

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Sea Bright Pizza, 7.6

Tommy’s got 7.2

We are close to Salerno’s now and tried to get pizza there one night. Hour and half for pickup! We will try another night.

That’s been the going rate over there for a couple of months. My mom loves them and orders a personal pie for herself and the wait times have been incredible.

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Hour and a half for pizza…



We got Chinese. It was ready in 20 min!


Barstool went to Johnnie Mac’s for the pizza that comes for free (cheese) or one buck for each topping, and gave it a 6.6 but did create a new category for it since you can’t call in an order

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That’s honestly awesome! I can’t believe people referred him there and his astonishment to the “free pizza” with every drink. His amazement was exactly the same as mine and as I’ve said a million times, I cannot justify going to Porta and spending $15+ a pie as well as $10+ for a drink. I’m my tiny mind I can’t justify that, so Johnny Mac’s wins out in my book!! I’ll take a 6.6 pizza and a $4. cold beer vs an 8. Pizza and $20+.

I wonder if he has done Porta and if so what the score was. (I made up the 8.) Also quick shout out to Rosie’s and Vic’s for receiving a shout out!!

Here’s the link if anyone is interested.


Actually I found he did rate Porta (Jersey City Location) and he gave them a 7.1. I’m actually surprised by that I thought they would have gotten a better score given how popular the brand is.

Further evidence to support my claim above!!


Sorry, but Johnny Mac’s ISN’T A PIZZA PLACE. The woman working there said “they probably thought it was a prank call” when he said he tried to call and order a pizza. That said, if you’re drinking (day, esp), it does the job. But you can’t compare this pizza to Porta, Medusa, Talulla’s, or any of the other ACTUAL PIZZA PLACES, imo!

But I still love you.

Also, a question: why does he call it One Bite when I’ve NEVER seen him make a determination on just one bite?!?


Lol I understand stand completely and I cannot say you are wrong for your opinion(s). I’m speaking just for myself personally however I will say the 7.1 was a surprise to me and I think only supports my view. Not saying anything else beyond that! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: love you too!!


He’s anti neopalitan pizza. He gave tululas like 7.1 which He said was phenomenal score for that style pizza

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