Pizza from hell, Lyon Mountain NY

Hard not to overcook the pie at this Habs sports bar. Ordered for pickup. Note the strong support for the Montreal Canadiens. Not a welcoming and comfortable spot for many people. Hospitality or lack thereof isn’t what’s scrawled on a pizza box. Won’t be back.


So sorry that you experienced this.

On a lighter note, I can imagine a review reading something like this: The atmosphere at this establishment is aggressive and hostile to many, but at least the food is so awful there’s no reason to go back.

Here’s to happier travels and better meals!


The Harrigans tastee freeze up the road does “Boston shakes” basically a hot fudge sundae in a shake. That boosted our spirits.


As a life-long Bruins fan and a self-professed pizza aficionado, I don’t know what offends me more!

I won’t even mention the most overtly obvious offensive thing in your photos. :wink:


We don’t talk about Bruno :slight_smile:


Seriously, how do they overcook a pizza that badly?

I like mine a little more toasty and a local joint had a clicker on their online order to “Bake My Pie Twice” that I often used, but even then it was no where near that bad.


Same. You do get bits of char when a place has one of those commercial Neopolitan-style pizza ovens, but as one can observe, this pizza is not that sort of pie.

Did the place have good reviews from some shillers?

One of our flat crust pizza places in London, Ontario gets rave reviews from people in rural Alberta and rural Ontario, reviewers who may have a similar political outlook as the owner, but wouldn’t know a can of San Marzano tomatoes if it hit them in the forehead. It cracked me up when some Google reviews showed a 5/5 for an out-of-province restaurant with an owner with a similar political outlook, 1/5 for an out-of-province restaurant with owner with the opposite POV, 5/5 for local Speedy Muffler, 5/5 for local Quiznos.

Oh my

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There’s not a big online footprint. The next closest pizza is about 20 minutes away in Chateaugay, right at the border essentially. It’s better. Nice woman owned and operated business.


I think I may have gotten special treatment. Dunno.


We ate at St Hubert last time we were near Chateaugay, on the Quebec side. They surprisingly had a lobster roll special in July 2019 which was good.

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Good tip. Thank you. Not sure we’ll make it back into Quebec. Maybe. We are ordering a bunch of lobsters from lobsters online for delivery later this week to cook on the beach with our pals here. 3lb lobsters for 48 bucks each. Other stuff.

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Now that I’ve seen the lovely ball cap that you were wearing, I hope you didn’t eat the pizza.


It was a go directly to dessert kinda situation. I didn’t want to leave without paying and slinking out of there of course.

Very interesting here in Clinton County. Lots of super nice people and we are staying positive having a lovely time in and around the lake and my old summer camp with my partner and the kids.

Still there are theme flotillas and stars and bars too. Things that were not here when I was a kid. There’s also more diversity too and better food and also not here when I was a kid.

I felt this was a pizza and a story worth sharing. I appreciate the support of my online eating colleagues!


Whoa that place looks scary as all hell. I’d have done a quick u-turn.

Tell me more about that Boston shake though please. This site says it’s a chocolate malt shake but made with soft serve? Yours kind of looks like that too. What’s the consistency of the shake? Thinner than your normal chocolate malt? Never heard of those but sound good and have an idea about something. Thanks!


Yeah. I didn’t want to stiff them on the take out order. And I took a few photos after I got my bearings after I paid (cash).

Boston shake here (and only place I’ve had them and I’ve had them here for 40 years) is a thick milk shake any flavor made w soft serve and then a soft serve sundae perched on top with choice of flavor of ice cream and topping and whipped cream and cherry if you please. 20 ounces. Start with a spoon and finish with a straw or go the other way. Harrigans has black raspberry and maple soft serve in addition to the usual suspects. I get it that there’s a Boston crème pie connection with some combos choc and vanilla but rules are meant to be broken. Black raspberry ice cream with fudge and chocolate shake below is pretty great too. Sometimes they have peanut butter ice cream and that can be a hit too.

Great prices you can come up big here the ice cream above is a small.

I have a 6 year old so we go often here. Just for him of course.

What’s your idea @chiel - recreate at home ?


Or drink from any unopened containers.


Noted and agreed.

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That is some uuuuugleeee looking pizza. At least the cheerful decor should please all the beautiful people that this place would seem to attract. Can definitely see Deliverance II being filmed there.