Pix rotated 90 degrees on mobile, fine on laptop

I think this is a new issue. I upload a picture via my desktop - everything looks fine. When I view the post on my phone, the picture is rotated and the aspect ratio is off. Any idea why this is?

Got a link to one of your posts where this is happening?

This right here:

Looks fine here in Chrome on both macOS and Android.

What browser/OS is on your phone… and what was used to take the photo?

Safari, an iPhone. You think they’d be compatible.

As downloaded from HO, the metadata of the photo indicates the proper width/height. But Discourse does manipulate uploaded images and it is possible the metadata on the original is incomplete.

Just for grins and giggles can you download Chrome on your iPhone and check it there?

I could, but the post was created on my laptop (Firefox browser) with a picture taken on an iPhone and saved to my Google drive. Where does Chrome fit in?

Well… it would rule out any metadata interpretation issues that might exist in mobile Safari.

As a huge Apple/Mac fan (and a dev) since 1984, there are lot’s of reasons why I don’t own an iOS device. I even gave the new iPad another try last year, and sold it to my niece’s fiancee a few months later.

I’d be interested to know if anyone is having similar issues with Safari. But since I generally like that browser fine (and don’t like Chrome very much), I’m not going to switch just because of this single issue.

I am not asking you to switch… just give it a try to help determine where the issue lies. Takes only a minute or two, and you can always delete it afterwards.

You say that like there’s room on my phone. Okay, I’ll try.

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Another reason I’m on Android… microSD card slot! (c;

I have nothing against Android. But this iPhone was bizarrely inexpensive ($159 for an SE about four years ago). And I like it alright, although storage is an issue 'cause I take a lot of video.

Same issue on Chrome.

Interesting. This could be do something amiss in Apple’s iOS frameworks (which any apps created for iOS are based upon), or some glitch between how you accessed the photo on your laptop and Firefox… was that on Windows or macOS?

Maybe try and do another post with that same photo taken on your iPhone, from your iPhone… and see whether that addresses the issue.

If there was, I imagine the problem would show up on my (Lenovo, Windows) laptop, but it does not.

Picture re-uploaded from my phone - same issue!

I. Still. Think. It’s. Discourse.

ETA: Wait! Different issue. Now the picture is rotated correctly, but it’s cropped. But just on the phone. Again.

Ok… I am uploading your image (as downloaded from HO) below…


How does it look on your iPhone?

Rotated 90 degrees and flattened. But here’s something interesting - if I select it, like I’m going to share it or whatever, it looks fine.

Hopefully someone with an iPhone will weigh in here if they see the same thing… what version of iOS are you on?

Possibly a Discourse issue, but doubtful as you are only seeing it on iPhone.

IOS 14.8.1.

Isn’t Discourse mobile different from Discourse…stationary?

The interface presented is different, but I don’t think the code that is exercised for the upload of photos differs.

PM sent.