Pink salt slabs for cooking

I have searched in the forum but could not find any specific thread addressing the right method of cooking on pink salt blocks all I saw is an argument its good or not. I have visited my Aunt and they use to grill on this slab. I love the mild salty texture they lend to meals, hence, I want to learn how to cook on it.

Hi Jackie and welcome to the forum.

I’d never heard of these before so I did a quick Google and found this link which seems to cover the basics:


Thanks for your time, I have read this thoroughly its still vague but at least I’ve got an idea… Thanks for sharing

I hope to hear of any experiences you have cooking with the salt block. I have a large block of pink salt that has languished in a drawer for quite a few years. It was a Christmas gift. I thought of it as ‘I’ll never run out of salt” :rofl:
I wondered how it was kept clean when used for fish etc?

Well, to my understanding, the salt itself is antibacterial (certainly, nothing is going to live on it long), so a good scrub with a wet towel after use is supposed to take care of cleaning it. No idea how odor absorbent it is though.

I’ve heard it can crack if it is heated too quickly when trying to cook on it. This article from Food 52 discusses how to heat it properly. I have induction, so if I tried this, I’d have to use my outdoor grill I think.