Pina Coladas, Chi Chi's, and Tequila

Not a big fan of rum, so usually make my Pina Coladas with vodka (AKA Chi Chi’s). But since discovering the “Bloody Maria”, there is little reason for keeping vodka in the bar (now only keep rye, gin, tequila, cognac, sherry, and various liqueurs).

So do any of you have a great recipe for a Pina Colada/Chi Chi using tequila?

I hate tequila, so I always choose Daiquiris over Margaritas.

I’d just use a good Piña Colada recipe- calling for coconut cream and the freshest pineapple juice you can make or find, and sub tequila for rum.

This looks like a good recipe

Lava Flows are tasty, too.

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A little off topic
Yet if you like Caesars then I switch that up with tequila.
When I was younger I tried it at a bar the name of the drink was “The Secret”
with tequila being the secret ingredient.


Canada’s national cocktail created @ The Calgary Inn, in 1969

You can buy Clamato or make your own:

I’d say if it was a silver tequila, you probably can use it in something like that BA Pina Colada that Phoenikia linked to without an issue, especially if you go a little heavier on the lime juice.

Haven’t had a pina colada/chi chi type drink with tequila, but would be up to try. One thing to be clear on for the coconut component is that you’ll want to use cream of coconut, the great brand being Coco Lopez - it’s very thick and very sweet, but makes the drink. If you were to buy coconut cream, that would be a can of thick, unsweetened coconut milk/cream - very rich, but unsweetened. Coco Lopez is easily found in liquor stores or by the drink mixers in grocery stores. Unused will hold a long time in fridge due to the high sugar content.
Last time I had a chi chi was on the beach in Hawaii, late morning. A very, very rare occurrence for me to have one due to the sugar and calories, but hey, it was breakfast, right?? :joy_cat:


My biggest problem with CL is it is canned… so I use Coco Real, which comes in a re-sealable squeeze bottle. While I haven’t really compared them side by side, I have used both with good results.

Unfortunately my coconut prefs for either of these drinks is long gone… and that was Mele-Koi Hawaiian Coconut Snow, which was used in my first Chi-Chi at the Kona Plantation Bar on the coast of Oahu. Man I miss that stuff.

I forgot the Coco Real, but have had it, and if remembering correctly, it’s similar to CL. I never had the coconut snow as far as I know, but wish I’d tried it. Are you sure it’s no longer made?
ETA: not familiar with the Plantation Bar, what part of Oahu? Is it still in business?

The Coconut Snow was originally a Hawaiian product, but was later bought by a southern California company that went belly up. While you might find a can on eBay, it would be decades old and not recommended. My recollection is that it was made from freeze-dried coconut, sugar, dry milk solids, and various other flavors, but wow did it make a great pina colada/chi chi.

Sorry, not Oahu… Kona Plantation was a predominantly outdoor resort on the Kona coast of Hawaii (near the black sand beach). Grass roofed, opened screened huts, and outdoor bar/pool. My first visit was at the age of 18, which in Hawaii means I could hit up the local bar!

Pretty sure its prime location has been replaced by big bucks development.

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Yes, have been to Black Sands beach many times, but didn’t notice that resort! Sounds cool though.


On a semi-related note, if you like rye/Scotch/bourbon, I highly recommend a Bloody Scotsman. Extra spicy!

I made a Bloody Mary with gin recently, and it was fantastic. Don’t know what it’s called though??

I didn’t know either so I googled - apparently it’s a Red Snapper! :fish: :fish: :fish: It sounds delicious!

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Powdered milk and egg whites are certainly available. But not sure how important the whey is, but given it’s the second ingredient on the list I would guess it is. And then there are the “Natural & Artificial Flavors”, so who knows how successful one would be trying to replicate it. I remember years ago doing a pretty exhaustive search for a copycat recipe without success.

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You must have read my mind! I was going to research it this morning - thanks.

Good to know! I learn something new on HO almost daily it seems.

@ScottinPollock , Caesars are much more common than Bloody Marys. Most brunch places that have a liquor license offer Caesars or Mimosas as the brunch cocktail options.

Some Caesars in Jasper, Alberta in Feb 2020.



Recent Novelty Caesars in Toronto

Tequila Caesar


Yes, Red Snapper. I drink them often.


I think Caesars are more common in Canada than the US. We’re more likely to have Bloody Marys on brunch menus around here, at least that’s been my experience. The Michelada is beginning to make in-roads, though.

There’s a brunch place in town that lets you order a Bloody Mary like you’re ordering sushi - tick boxes for which vodka, which mix, and then whatever garnishes you want (up to, and including, shrimp, “pizza”, and jerky).