Pina Colada's back story

and, so refreshing when it’s 102 degrees in the shade.


Oh thanks–now I have that song in my head.

Ha! I’ll join you! Along with a pineapple heavy pina colada cocktail for dinner!

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I love a good piña colada. My last good one was in Kauai, as I watched the sun set over Hanalei.
The other 2 memorable piña coladas were in Barbados and Grenada.

How can I object to those glorious descriptions.

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I also enjoyed my first Lava Flow in Honolulu.

You know how to unwind!!

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Alan Barnes, who used to post on CH, had recommended a tasting menu at Alan Wong’s, which closed in 2021. That is where I ordered the Lava Flow.

It was my first trip to Oahu, Maui and Kauai, in May 2019. 3 nights upcountry in Makawao, Maui and 3 nights in Wailea with my Californian cousins. 4 nights in Kauai and 3 nights in Waikiki on my own. So much good food and drink.

So I owe knowing how to roll in Hawaii to the people who share their Intel . :rofl:

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Thank you for sharing the article. I was not aware of Chowhound until HOs discussed that site. How fortunate to have Mr. Barnes as a poster. I completely agree about intel in any aspect of discovery.

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He’s a treasure trove of information (and opinionated, too). It’s a bummer he doesn’t post here, but thankfully he is a pretty active member in one of my Facebook food groups :slight_smile:

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I have all the ingred on hand, this is what we call a good influence. :wink:

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It’s still strawberry season here!

I don’t think the banana is essential.

I was googling Piña Coladas in Toronto. There’s an hip Haitian restaurant called Rhum Corner , located about a 10 minute walk from my apartment. I might check out their piña colada this weekend.

There’s also a bar in Toronto called Mother that is supposed to have a good Piña Colada.

I have not seen a Lava Flow in Toronto yet. It’s pretty hard to find any frozen or blender drinks these days, apart from the Haitian restaurant, a couple top cocktail bars, and a few Mexican restaurants that have frozen margaritas. It’s even hard to find a frozen lime or strawberry daiquiri these days.

A frozen strawberry daiquiri made with fresh local berries was my favourite cocktail in my 20s and 30s. (I also appreciate lime daiquiris on the rocks or frozen)

Good to know. I will test out both. I have kiwis also which I prefer.

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Do you by chance have a photographic memory? Or maybe you take good notes. I’ve noticed your recollections are quite detailed years later, and was just curious. :grinning:

I have an old friend who remembers conversations from years ago word for word. Blows my mind.


Lol. I have a good memory for details but not for chores.

I’m not sure that it’s photographic but it’s more visual than most people I know.

I remember a lot of details. What I brought to a potluck, when I made a certain dish, what I was wearing, who said what to piss me off, etc. :rofl:

That said, my 51 yo brain seems to be paying less attention to many details lately. I think, more monotony and hormones, and a change in my social patterns , as well as stress and age have changed it.

With respect to Kauai, I took photos of my piña colada and the sunset, so that reinforced the memory.

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Was the Lava Flow a drink or a disaster? LOL!

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I loved it!

I loved my former life, too :rofl:

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