Pimp up my ham & goose ragu

After Xmas, we turned the ham and goose leftovers into a pretty much standard Italianesque tomatoey ragu, as we’d make with beef. We’ve had one of the frozen portions with pasta, as intended. However, we plan to use the next batch with baked sweet potatoes. Any thoughts as to what we might add that will make it a bit different from the Italianesque version?


You mentioned that they are leftover, how were they cooked? Or are they frozen “raw”?

Both cooked in the oven. I finely diced the leftover and stirred them in to our “standard” sauce - onion, garlic, herbs, passata.

Try a curry or an Asian style stir fry….
Perhaps since out deep freeze here in the USA, brings up a warming, rich soup. I could see this as the starting point of a lentil or black bean soup.

How about an unorthodox pastilla?
Add grated ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, honey, almond flakes, orange zest, dried fruits like apricot or prune, parsley…

Inspired by this:

If you like Indian, you can add curry paste and spice to cook the goose and ham, and eat with rice.

Another thinking, you can mix everything, add some parmesan and bread crumb and make vegetable - tomato or bell pepper farcis. But that still remains in the domain of Mediterranean.

Harissa! Should complement the sweet potato nicely.

Otherwise indian-style like kheema.

Either way, suggesting blooming the spice mix / paste well in oil or water first, given that the meat is already cooked.

Excellent idea. I also have a ras el hanout mix which should give a nuanced flavouring - Tunisia is only about 150km from Italy, so seems a good adaptation to what is currently an Italian flavouring.

My thanks to all for your ideas.

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