Pig Roast weekend at Bobolink in Milford, NJ May 14 & 15


This sounds cool! Have you ever been? How is the pig?

I’ve been there, but not for a pig roast
I really would like to get there for one
I love pig roasts but have only done the
Puerto Rican style spit roasting

I spoke to the Bobolink guy ( sorry I don’t
know his name) at the Pleasantville farmers
market last week and he said to make sure to
reserve soon as they are very popular and always
sell out.

Thanks for the info, I might end up doing this!

You’re welcome…please report back if you go
I’m glad it is of interest…It’s a great place to visit
I posted a link to the last one…no responses
If there is still space available and I can get there
I’ll post

The Bobolink people do a great job with their cheeses. This sounds like a tempting match-up…

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If you have not already…I would suggest signing up for their newsletter
Also their ground beef is exceptional
Don’t miss the cranberry walnut bread stick
Lastly they are very wonderful to their calves, they stay with their moms
and are not confined… they enjoy their little lives …so if anyone feels guilty about consuming veal
but wants an occasional splurge … this is the place to purchase it.

Are they still represented at the Pleasantville farmers market? Anywhere else in Westchester?

Yes always at Pleasantville, as far as I know their only Westchester market

Another pig roast
October 9th
Pig roast and jazz

You know I would post this separately with its own title, date and time so people don’t miss it.

The only reason I looked this is because I was wondering why an out of date post popped up again.

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Ok … thx

Btw nice avatar. Is that bird for me ?

lol … no and thx … It was very gracious of notJr to let me “proudly display his pic” … tomorrow I’ll probably be passing the torch because although understandably he is now public domain, in every other sense it is owned by and belongs entirely to him.

That looks amazing

I really want to get to one of their pig roasts

I concur! Make a new thread about the upcoming one, until I read @VikingKaj comment here I thought you were giving WAY advanced notice of a pig roast in the spring.

I started a new thread …

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As per the most recent Bobolink newsletter
Another pig roast

"It’s time to plan your afternoons of food and music, happening on July 16th and August 6th from 1-4 pm.
On July 16th, we will present the Mitchell Cheng Trio. Mitchell Cheng is a pianist and composer born in Bucks County PA. From an early age he was mentored by musicians in the New York and Pocono jazz scene. His music draws influence from bebop, rock, Motown, and Americana blues. styles.

On August 6th, we will present the Some Like It Hot Club. This 4 member group plays fabulous gypsy jazz, by greats such as Django Reinhardt, Duke Ellington, and Louis Armstrong.

Get out your picnic blanket or beach chairs, and join us for spirited jazz and great farm-to-table food!

We will roast a pig each day, and we recommend that you reserve your pig sandwich in advance. But we will also be making burgers, cheese plates, and serving up some veggies from our garden."

BYOB, kids welcome! (Sorry, no dogs please)


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