Pig roast and jazz, 10/9/2016 Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse: Milford, NJ

October 9, 1-4 pm, come to the farm from 1-4 for a Jazz Afternoon with the Mitchell Cheng Trio!
And to top off the free music, we will have a Caja China Pig Roast AND Bobolink Burgers…

I have not been to one of their pig roasts yet, but have visited the farm. I like several of their cheeses and a variety of their breads, butter, cookies, beef, veal, pork and they carry some great local products
from neighboring farms as well.


I have not had a burger at the farm but I have purchased their ground beef and it is incredibly delicious.
This is a pic of a burger they have posted in their FB photos

Gee I really like this spiffy new thread about bobolink.

Now if only we had a little roast piggy food porn this thread would be awesome (hint, hint).

Here is how we feel about roast piggy:

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In this one the good guy lost:

If only he had a match :sob: !

What’s that?

If interested, folks may reserve at the link that I posted for both the music and porky

"Mitchell Cheng is a pianist and composer born in Bucks County PA. From an early age he was mentored by musicians in the New York and Pocono jazz scene. His music draws influence from bebop, rock, Motown, and Americana blues styles. Mitchell has a BA from Manhattan School of Music. He will be joined by fellow classmates Fred Griggs on drums and Adrian Morning on Bass. "

Well if that’s Mitchell Cheng there in the photo, he certainly looks delicious !


You’re not making this easy vikingKaj :joy:
Click on the link below, scroll all the way down … Mitchell’s photo is bottom far left

Well just so longs as theys don’t play whoose afraid of the big bad wolf… I will boo em.


Hey I heard a rumor that they run out of wild boar, er I mean roast piggy, quickly…

Any truth to that?

If you’ve never been to Bobolink, it’s a great example of why NJ is the Garden State…it’s a true working farm and the owners really care. Their breads and cheese is terrific, but when I was there for an eGullet gathering, my absolute favorite part of the day was when the mama and baby cows wandered right by us and someone yelled “Ooooh…free-range veal!” :joy: