Pictures of Your Vacation or Long Term Stay Kits

Post pictures of your cooking/eating travel kits in this thread. I didn’t post this in Cookware because essentials could include other items such as snacks, ingredients, and cookbooks. This idea is similar to a previous thread, except with pictures.

I just spent a week helping out family a couple states away. They called last week with an emergency. I grabbed whatever I thought was essential, including the kid (not pictured), and took off.

We used/ate everything, except that small Kiwi-brand knife. Instead, I sharpened all their knives. The wooden things are makeshift de-burring pads. That white fabric with writing on it is an apron. I love local grapes. It’s sort of a snapshot of where I am with my food hobby right now.


HELP! I have an emergency and need you and your trusty sharpening skills! STAT! :rofl:

Kidding aside, how amazing of you to drop everything and help!

I don’t have any pictures but our last trip we brought our standard coffee box which includes a scale, burr grinder, chemex, single cup pour over, paper filters, coffee beans (of course) and electric hot water kettle.

Typically, I travel light unless I plan to cook except I bring my instant read thermometer on every trip after a sad attempt at making steak once at a rental…

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I bring the torch and an ice chest and then shop en route.

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I have my thermapen in that picture, too! I used it to check bread, cake, and fried chicken.

Your coffee kit sounds wonderful. I roast beans in a hot air popcorn maker, hmmmm… I wonder if there’s a portable version.

Other than toasted meringue and creme brulee emergencies --which are perfectly valid emergencies, I might add – I can’t think of what else I would use a torch for. Maybe toasting figs and peaches. What do you use it for?

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Steak, tuna, potatoes, pizza, s’mores, melting cheese, toast, all sorts of things.