Pickled Garlic

I bought a jar when we were on vacation. Now I have this jar of pickled garlic that I have no idea what to do with, except snack on. Anyone have any ideas for me? Thanks!

Nope. Never got beyond it as part of a Cypriot mezze.

Commonly served as an accompaniment at ramen joints. Should go well with some other noodles as well.

Serious Eats, a food site introduced to me by this wise community, has an entire article on this along with recommendations on how to use it.

What comes to mind is stir fry with vegetables and added to a marinate as the acid hit. Does this method tone down the garlic? If so, I would like it.

Yes, the pickling does tone down the garlic.

I think the flavor compounds of pickled garlic would make an excellent addition to a peppers, onions and potatoes for something like a chicken murphy or any similar dish. Melt it down in a little evvo, with some sweet onions, sweet and hot peppers…yummy.


We eat it as an accompaniment to a cheese platter (with strong cheeses, obviously) and add it to simple pasta sauces (i.e. roasted tomatoes, basil, pickled garlic). It’s also great sliced or mashed as a sandwich condiment, particularly with beef or pork sandwiches.


You can stuff it into green olives- super yummy

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Currently making my way through a jar of big green olives stuffed with garlic- fantastic!!

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I would probably mince it an add to a salad dressing if i could stop myself from snacking on them…