Pick my lunch please in Monmouth County


I find myself with a free day tomorrow. I have nothing in the way of a great lunch. My first thought was to go get meat from IMG in Red Bank, grill up some tortillas and go to town. But I do that enough. So guide me, my trusted HOs. Please. Where would you go?

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et al?

Stamna (Lincroft)
The Buttered Biscuit (Bradley Beach)
Taka (AP)
Mossuto’s (Wall)
Joe Leone’s in Sea Girt–take sandwich to beach

That sounds awesome!! Hey I know a short pier you can take a nice long walk down!! (joke)

@seal IMG?

I say go grab a nice burger at Barnacle Bill’s look out at the water, stop in Red Bank on the way out and walk it off. Should be a nice afternoon for a stroll through Red Bank. Unfortunately I have a biz dinner at Steak 85 in New Brunswick tomorrow or I would offer to join you. Enjoy!

When I am in RB around lunchtime I like to stop at Kitch: http://www.kitchorganic.com/

Or D, Jeet: https://djeetcatering.com/menu/specials/

Report back and let us know where you landed!

Oh, you know what you can try the new “Kosher” Deli at the old Ordinary Joe’s location and find it as disappointing as I did!!!

@NotJrvedivici - IMG=International Mexican Grocery for al pastor. And I made matzah ball soup myself yesterday so a bad version holds no appeal for me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@CurlzNJ Good list tyvm, but the only one that holds any appeal for me is BB in BB and if I go there I will likely go early so that may be breakfast.

@gracieggg Also a pair of good choices, ty.

Like Bono though, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

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@NotJrvedivici Seriously though, let’s say I wanted a nice rib eye for lunch, where should I go?

Sichuan Cottage, Shanghai Bun, or Lino’s Mexican Cafe

(Even though you didn’t list me!)

Take one for the team and check out a Filipino place. :slight_smile: I think this place is somewhat close to you: https://www.yelp.com/biz/kamayan-grill-filipino-cuisine-neptune-city?osq=filipino

Thanks for the ideas @eleeper

And @joonjoon - that place is much closer to you than me :grin:

The best all around steak for my money is Raven and Peach and they are not open for lunch. You of course have Char, but that place just pisses me off. I’m not sure about many other places in town for a steak, I really don’t go out around there and since Murphy’s closed, I’m not aware of a place to get a big ole’ piece of beef for a reasonable price.

I would actually say perhaps my initial suggestion Barnacle Bill’s, Pour House -or- What’s Your Beef, although I have no clue about them since the new ownership.

I’d head to Bradley Cafe in Bradley Beach. I love their chilaquiles de lengua and torta sandwiches. I don’t know what time you eat but I think they close at 2.

You could go eat the buffet at Babur Garden… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What part of Monmouth county will you be in?

Well if budget isn’t an issue I’d vote for the pastrami short rib at surf bbq. That thing is outstanding! It will run you 25 bucks or so.


@corvette_johnny I would go anywhere in the mc and you are 100% correct - that rib is amazing! Of course I would have to get another mortgage to finance eating it, but the real story is they are open at 5.

@NotJrvedivici like corvette_johnny’s Surf bbq, both Russell and Bette’s and Barnicle Bill’s are both closed for lunch.

I’ve decided to go off the grid and eat at the counter at Flaky Tart and, of course, get take out sweets. Thanks for indulging me on spring break all.

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Flaky Tart in the Atlantic Highlands? Hell go to my buddy Ryan’s place, Hudson Cafe’ across the street from Gaslight. Good breakfast lunch place…tell Ryan you are a friend of mine. Ask him why he looks so angry, aka “The Angry Chef”, he loves that nickname!!!


Mac and cheese :scream:

So I went with my youngest and we shared the mac and cheese

We finished it before I took pictures so here’s a cute cat pic. Then we also shared a turkey sandwich on some of their awesome focaccia.That also came with a side salad that was also good. We each had a few bites of a huge piece of coconut cake. and, even though the day’s scones were long gone by our noon arrival, I brought some goodies homeSo now it’s nap time.


Hmmm looks like someone took a bite out of that last one there seal. Glad you enjoyed.

For those of us who can’t keep up, WHERE DID YOU GO? Flaky Tart? The pics don’t say…