Pi Day, are you baking pie?

Some additional ways to celebrate.

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We will be making a pie today, just haven’t decided which kind…pi, day, the perfect excuse to eat pie of any kind. :pie::pizza:


Ok, I’ve planned to make a lemon curd pie one of these days. But you’ve persuaded me to do it today!

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Not making pie, but DH brought home slices of salted caramel mango, and rhuberry, from Know Reality Pie.

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Making pizza pie! Dough is rising now - I need to get the oven preheating!

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We are in total lockdown mode here but I have some lovely Spoon Foods Fruit Perfect cherries. So cherry pie, blackberry apple pie, pizza, whipped cream.

I prepped pretty well so we are eating well.


Today was a perfect pie making day. I made a big pot of soup for dinner but lunch was a pizza pie with spinach, olives and dried tomatoes.

I guess most of us is in this lockdown mode. Good that now we more time to cook, trying to do something nice as life isn’t particularly exciting. Thinking of baking some cakes…

I’m not so skilled with dessert pies (plus I don’t love them), so I decided to make a pizza pie. Lahey’s dough has been our standard, but we decided to give Beddia’s a whirl and are so glad we did! It may be the new house recipe. We used the ooni pizza oven and made classic margherita and a spring-ish pie with asparagus, shitakes, ricotta, a little gruyere and mozzarella.

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Your pizza sounds incredibly tasty :yum:

I’d never heard of this restaurant (I’m a blinkered NYC-dweller), so I looked up the recipe. Can you confirm that 1 tbsp salt per 500 g flour is correct? That sounds like a lot.

In the book it is 1 tbs plus 1/2 tsp per 500 g of flour. I will attach a picture later so you can see what it looks like.

Thanks - that would be helpful, but I’m more interested in what it tastes like. As in, is the crust too salty?

Funny enough, my husband thought it could take a bit more. I didn’t think it needed it, but definitely did not find it salty.

Ok, then! Will try it. If I ever leave the house again to buy mozzarella.

That’s about 20g of salt to 500g of flour, or 4% in baker’s percentages. A bit higher than what you typically see in recipes but probably good for a simple margherita pizza where the crust really needs to be a star. I usually use about 2-3%, but my pizzas always have at least one salty meat topping so I don’t want the crust to be too assertively salty.

Pie for pi day, one day late. I made it yesterday, Key Lime.


Nice! I was too sidetracked myself but I thank you for posting your beau ti ful pie.

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