Photos disappeared in mobile upload

I tried upload a few photos from my iPhone today, when the pictures finished the uploading, no images were seen.

Somebody has this problem too?

I had this problem a couple weeks ago (haven’t uploaded recently). For me it was happening when I was trying to take a picture to upload (from within the site). When I took the picture and then uploaded it from my photo library it worked - that was my work around. Iphone using Chrome

I saw the last photos on WFD they all looked blurry to me.

Tried to upload screen shots, stuck at “Uploading 6%”.

I did tried to upload from my photo library from iPhone. I feel the problem this time is on the server’s side. Text is fine, but no pictures.

Photo is uploaded but not displayed.


Can you see this?
Loaded from my iPhone library

I can see.

OK, it’s working now. I can see your photo @bbqboy
Thanks everybody.

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Related question: Is it only possible to upload one photo at a time? If I select several from my photo library, only the first one uploads.

You mean you can’t upload several photos all at once if you select them? Which system do you use? Computer or phone?

Correct. Android phone on Pixel 3, all updated.

It has always been like this? Or since the last big upgrade?

For a quick test, maybe try to log out the HO account. Restart the phone and try uploading the images and see if there is a difference.


iPhone- one pic mine, one pulled from net,
From library:
Uploaded both at once.

Are you using the same phone and system as @ChristinaM ?

Personally, I don’t have problem with either computer nor the phone (both Apple).

No. Apple seems fine. I’m wondering if this is an Android problem

Let’s see if there are other Android users having problems.

Always has been the case. Restarts don’t change anything.

Christina, can you do me a favor by going to the forum software developer’s demo site, register an account, and try uploading pics like here, and see if you have the same issue? Thanks.

Just did. Same thing happens. I selected three photos from my camera gallery and clicked upload, and only the second uploaded:

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