Pete & Elda's (Neptune City)

So what are the good apps here? I’ve only gotten pizza and salad here

Condiment corral isn’t new. We’re regulars and found everything to be the same.

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Sat at the bar last night. Yes, two checks at the bar is still the norm. Food was same as always.


As time moves forward, I am noticing small changes in the pizza. The pizza used to be THE SAME every time. Every time.

The meatball chunks are just a bit larger. I am getting a small bit of oil-drain that I never saw before. And the last time out, my XL slices had “droop”.

Anyone else seeing anything?

It hasn’t gotten bad, but I am seeing change.


DThe reports on our local Nextdoor board are conflicting… Some people emphatically say that nothing has changed, including the management. Other say they know for a fact that the place changed hands but the food hasn’t changed at all…

Change is the only constant.

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I’ve been eating at P&E’s for my entire life. I’ve dined several times since they changed hands. The service is very attentive–new management is definitely invested in an attentive and friendly vibe. The only things I’ve noticed is that the pizza is somehow hotter than before and the red wine vinegar on the table is no longer cloudy.

One of the ND posters mentioned that a waitress confirmed the business had changed hands, but that nothing else has changed, nor will it.

My dear departed friend Ellen LOVED P&E - in addition to the pizza, what I remember most is the chopped salad. But (ducks) my go-to is still Vic’s when I want that style of pizza.

We dine at P&E frequently. Like fershore, my wife has been going most of her life (me, just the past 37 years). Have not noticed any change, but I very much miss the old salami & provolone salad (pre-Covid). Not a big fan of the chopped that seems to have replaced it.

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That’s the salad that Ellen loved… Bummed to hear that it’s changed!

The antipasto salad has not changed. The salad, garlic bread with cheese, and pizza are the only things I’ve had at P&E.

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Some might call this a minor miracle - I am most happy to announce that you can once again get a Kane Head High at the bar at Pete & Elda’s. It only took over 2 years.