Perusa Route 33/34, Wall

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Stopped in this afternoon to celebrate GF passing her citizenship test. The test was in Mount Laurel and I did think about trying Royal Farms chicken or a tomato pie from somewhere, but just went with the usual. Good day.
Calamari with Ceviche. Churrasco OK and if there is a next time will ask for fries on the side. Please don’t soak my fries. Also got a whole Pollo ala Brasa to go and was a nice portion. Forgot to get chicken only, again. It comes with fries and salad by default.


Congrats on the wonderful news

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Congrats to the GF. The next thing on her to do list ought to be completing her voter registration form (I’m a big voting advocate).

That calamari looks great. I wouldn’t think to order it there as there so many other things not readily available but that is going to change.


Thanks for the congrats, she deserves it after being here 20 years!
Not official for a month but registration will be done. I too am an advocate for voting.


We hit up Persua Saturday night when we realized we hadn’t been there in a while. Mr Bean has been obsessed with the Fried Calamari Ceviche ever since he saw @KAOSKitchen’s pictures on this thread. We ALWAYS get the Beef Heart Anticucho and Saturday was no different. What was different is Mr Bean decided he didn’t want a rice dish - that never happens. Instead, we ordered the Whole Roasted Chicken with Fries and Salad. It was huge and I had a hard time getting the whole chicken, let alone the separate plate of salad in the picture. We’re having leftovers for dinner tonight.


Nice. Have been there twice in past 2 weeks.
First time was Calamari/Ceviche and Bistec a la Pobre. I enjoyed the steak more with this dish. The Churrasco was not my favorite.
2nd time was takeout of a whole Pollo a la Brasa. Think was around $23 without sides. Great deal! Yes the bird is huge.
We got 4 meals plus 2 chicken salad sandwiches and a chicken caesar.
My boss is a huge Anticucho fan and we ordered in a case of veal hearts. GF cannot wait to cook them. Looks like a lot of cleaning to get plate ready. I will stick to my other cuts…


Perusa is definitely one of our favorite places. The only problem is it is getting crowded. The first few times we went many tables were empty and the room to the left as you walk in wasn’t used. Now a days we try to make sure we have a reservation if we’re going on a Saturday or with more than 2 people. Most of the patrons are Spanish speaking which is always a good sign.

I’ve made beef hearts a few times. I’ve gotten the hearts from Seabra’s Market in Newark and Palmer 's Quality Meat Square in Neptune, but most often I order from Harvest Drop. There’s a decent amount of cleaning but to me it’s worth it. I recently ordered veal hearts but haven’t had a chance to cook them yet.

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Depends on the area I’m sure but I’ve seen beef hearts at ShopRite plenty of times, you can probably ask your local one to get you hearts.


Thanks. I think I’ve seen them in the City Supermarket on Memorial Pkwy in Asbury Park. Since I order from Harvest Drop every so often it’s been very easy to get the hearts through them. Their prices, at least for the hearts, have been very good.

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Last time I got hearts at shoprite it was under 3 bucks I think! Awesome for the money!!

Just looked it up