Perfex pepper mill

Are these still being made? If so, does someone have a website or email address? The nut on the bottom of our pepper grinder keeps falling off and I want a new mill.

don’t have an address but I think they are still made in France. If you are looking for an exchange or refund might be hard to do.

Yes they are still being made by the company in Saint-Etienne, France. But no one seems to have an address or contact info for them. Where did you buy it? That’s who you should contact.

By the way, there are also many counterfeit ones on the market, which have problems like the one you have. Most seem to last 20-40 years without problems.

There was a discussion on Perfex on chowhound and how you can get a cheap Chinese copy for $12 and use the parts to fix the originals.

It was a gift from WS about 20 years ago.

Thanks for the idea about parts. For $12 I’ll just buy a new mill in a style I prefer.

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