Peppers I.D. please?

My guess is that the peppers in my Mischief Box (center of pic) are shishito, which I have never used. I am pretty wimpy with chilis. Jalapeno heat is my comfort limit. Are these hotter? If so, I’ll rehome them.

They look like shashito peppers to me.

Good news/ bad news.

Good news - they are more mild than jalapeños and are very tasty.

Bad news - they are known for occassionally being more hot that jalapeños. It’s a random thing and generally people say 1 in 10 is hot. So if you have a bowl of roasted peppers - people will be eating them and all of a sudden one person gets a hot one.


In my experience, shusito’s are rarely hot; the spanish padron peppers are more likely to erupt, especially late in the growing season and when they are rather large.

I’m with @Thimes on this one. There’s no certainty that those shishito peppers won’t have bite.

I love shishitos, especially sauteed in a little olive oil and salt until blistered. Occasionally one can be hot, but to me it’s not killer hot, and I’m fairly wimpy. I guess I put up with it because the non-hot ones are so good. Padrons, on the other hand, can really get you. And that basket looks wonderful!


I’m also a wimp too but I like them grilled with a squeeze of like and salt. Yum!

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Thanks, all. I warily sliced one into a side salad made from a clamshell that was mostly red oak lettuce. It was quite mild. I’ll use the rest in chili.

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I think it’s really a waste to use shishito’s in chili. Best sauteed/grilled coated with oil until blistered and a bit of char, finish with kosher or sea salt, and eaten as a snack.


Yep, I’ve eaten a lot of shishitos (I love them!) but have yet to find a spicy one. I know there is a chance, but maybe I’ve been lucky? I toss in olive oil stick them in the broiler for a good 2 -3 mins (or about 1- 1.5 mins each side if you want to blister all around, and then salt afterwards. Delicious!

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Only 1/10 is spicy, and usually later in the season.

You could actually taste a tiny bit of each (milk or yogurt standing by), and save any spicy ones for chili, eat the rest as is.

As everyone says, usually 1/10 are spicy. To be on the safe side just scrape the seeds out of the inside. That is mostly where all of the heat comes from.

That’s the best part about a bowl of sishitos: PEPPER RUSSIAN ROULETTE


Padrons on the left, shishito’s on the right.



Thanks! I’m saving that so I don’t have a painful surprise if padrones are ever in my biweekly box.

You are welcome! I seem to think of them as more alike then different. Neither are “super hot”. I touch a piece to my lip as I’m chopping, cooking, and deciding. I can imagine for some, even a little bit is too much.

Wow. I didn’t realize they looked so similar. Thanks for posting!


Actually, when you see them side by side, each is easily identified.

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Italian Pepperoncino are also very similar.


This is the article I got the picture from.

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