Peppers. Drying


Focusing on Aji Amarillo, but also drying hot,sweet, and seasoning peppers.

Anyone else drying or preserving peppers?



I’ve found aji amarillo taste better chopped and frozen if you’re using for pollo a la brasa or anywhere else the unique frutiness shines. Reconstituted powder isn’t even remotely the same.

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Okay, thanks! I’m going to have so much of the “baby Amarillo” I won’t have enough freezer space. Do you know any good uses for dried or powder? Or maybe a preserve.



Just sat down after slicing up poblanos for the dehydrator! After drying I powder it in a coffee grinder. I use in sauces and beans all winter.

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Those are ripe poblanos, or still green? I won’t have red ones for awhile, but I use them for pepper jelly.

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Here is a recipe for aji amarillo paste.



Green poplanos. Just took them out of dehydrator. Will have to get a before and after pic next time. Whole tray filled with slices ended up as about 1/4 cup of little dried bits.

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just got my fiesta 8 tray dehydrator, planned to use it for tomatoes mainly
Have not used it yet but tomato harvest is now dwindling
Have poblanos now
Wish y have before and after picture and some tips

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I plan another batch in the morning. Will try the before and after pics.
I did nothing to them before dehydrating other than wash, clean and slice.

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Before and after poblanos.

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son dehydrated some tomatoes and poblano(/) Monday evening
He did this while I was already sleeping and told me he brushed them with olive oil
Took it out last night, but it seems they are not that dry?
How long does it take you to dehydrate?
I still have not put them away as I asked him if he is done and did he want me to separate the tomatoes from the poblanos? and there was no comment. So, the tray he took out, I sorted what I thought was tomatoes. left everything in place. Very disappointed as not that great it seems.



I am experimenting with “silk-cutting” some Turkish peppers.

Maras, ufra, Feher Ozon, and???

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I wonder if the oil inhibited the dehydration. Might work better to use the oil after?

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thanks. I will let him know