Pepe Saya butter


Found this handcrafted cultured butter in a local market and took some unsalted home yesterday.

According to their website, the company is Australian, but the butter for the US market is made here on an Amish farm (Gap View Farm) in Pennsylvania. The company founder explains that if a country has cows, they make the butter there. If the country doesn’t have cows, they export the butter.

It has quite the cultured butter tang - I remember that taste well from when I was a little kid visiting my Louisiana grandparents. There was a mound of homemade butter on the dining room table, no doubt made by a friend, or probably a cousin. OMG. It tasted like CHEEEZE (I absolutely hated cheese as a kid). Gimme my margarine!:joy:.

(My tastebuds have reformed since then, in case you were worried.) I really enjoyed this butter. I will be interested to see how much it “ripens”.

Their website says that the culture is added after the cream is pasteurized, so the flavor continues to develop.

Anyway, here’s a link to a podcast with the head of the company and the head of the Amish farm, discussing their venture.