People Are Sharing Their Favorite Recipes From Their Cultures, And I Can't...

What say you?

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  1. Is this written by a top-ten author?

  2. Is it on the Top Ten Top-Ten Lists List? What about the Top Ten Top-Ten-Lists’ Top-Ten Lists Lists List?

  3. Is Buzzfeed a top-ten top-ten-lists site? :smile:

But seeing famous recipes is good anyway. :+1:

(Note: I typed numbers at the left margin, but to make it look nicer the HO software moved my listing to starboard.) :slight_smile:

I say interesting! Lots of interesting ideas. But… I clicked because it said “I can’t”. I wondered " I can’t what"?


I wondered the same thing - in my mind, that might even have been the end of the sentence.

The recipes of my culture:
Press here to open; remove cheese packet. Bring water to a rolling boil. Stir in macaroni, … :smile:

So, yeah, People Are Sharing Their Favorite Recipes From Their Cultures, And I Can’t.


I assumed it was. And it would probably have been a more interesting article if it had been.

As it was, Google for the cuisine of various countries, pick a dish and write about it. Assuming the author got paid, then I was in the wrong business for all those years.


I just thought the selection of recipes contributed by readers rather than professionals was an interesting contrast + they all sound delicious and makeable.
You’re probably right about serious journalism as a career these days.

I suspect that even frivolous journalism isn’t what it once was. :slight_smile:

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An Oprah joke!
Well done :+1:

The only Oprah joke I know about is the one by Letterman. :thinking:

Not bad. Those bemoaning the state of journalism or ‘frivolous’ journalism might want to remember that Buzzfeed, whilst having a news division is also (and most known for being) a content provider. And this is not bad content in light of the click bait out there. It’s an assertion of a diversity of their community and offering glimpses into foodways for those not about to make an effort otherwise (i.e. not HOs). I might check out some of the recipes.
I guess that’s what I say? Thanks for posting.


I made fun of their frequent lists, but it’s certainly true that this one has legitimate content.

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‘I can’t’ because I’m an unremarkable white guy from Minnesota so I have no culture. :man_shrugging:t3:

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Sad but probably true.

It may be the problem of coming from somewhere that people like me could not identify on a map.

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We should change the title of this thread out of self-defense. Someone is going swoop in shrieking “cultural assimilation.”

They’ll pry my globally diverse recipes and techniques from my cold dead hands.

That said, and to answer @bbqboy’s questions, about half of those look interesting to me which is a pretty good hit rate.

As I’ve posted before my mother and paternal grandmother weren’t good cooks so what I have from my own cultural background I’ve had to reconstruct. Euro-Catholic doesn’t have much culinary depth so that left Russo-Jewish. Then there is my sister’s Tibetan adopted heritage, my wife’s Italian, my SIL’s Thai, affection due to travel for British and Scandinavian cuisine, stumbling over Indian and SEA foods, and a carbohydrate craving interest in US Southern biscuits.

Iceberg lettuce wedges with feta, bacon, and a drizzle of vinegar just worked its way in from somewhere. grin

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