Paul Revere Copper Question

Is Paul Revere Limited Edition copper cookware of value beyond decorative use? The items look like copper lined with stainless and have brass handles with “Paul Revere Limited Edition” on the handle undersides. Opinions on usefulness for cooking, monetary value, and collectability would be appreciated.

Usefulness: You can cook in it, but it is too thin.
Monetary Value: Not high.
Collectability: Maybe, in the sense of a rare (rare) or missing piece. Doubtful it would appreciate.

All IMO.


I agree with Kaleo’s points and add that the handles are a funny and tippy shape and get very hot.

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Thanks for he intelligence, saving me from an unwise purchase.

I have 5 pieces of Paul Revere Limited Edition copper cookware. I bought it in the 70s and I use it all the time. Works great for me.

BR: Are the handles a problem?

As they are thin compared to big name copper, I will not pay for that level of material, but for daily use, maybe a smaller amount.

Over the years, I’ve read allusions to some “good” (I think meaning thick) Revere copper, but I’ve never seen any, nor any true thickness measurements that would change my opinion.

Do you have a way of measuring yours?

Not until I have bought it.

You can guesstimate by comparing the edge thickness with a coin.

Also, weigh a common size pan; that weight can be compared with known pans of the same size.

The copperware is on line, so I have no access until I buy and get it, if I decide to bid. Since it is not in the ranks of the best copper, I will adjust my bidding accordingly.

I greatly appreciate the comments so far.

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You can always ask the seller to weigh and measure…

Well, a few other bidders decided it was high quality copper and went far beyond my limit. Maybe next time.

Don’t feel bad. Even Martha Stewart’s been taken in by lesser brands (Legion/Scavullo).

This may be a faulty memory, but I think the Revereware copper was jobbed out to Korea, as I know ODI (old Dutch International) was.

If this is your first copper pan, I recommend checking offer up or C list and seeing and handling the pan yourself. Go for heavy French. tin lined is just fine.

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Sorry, too late to be useful, but maybe in the future.
I’ve never had any problem with the handles being tippy, of course they get hot, they’re brass.
@kaleokahu Yes they are thin, looks to be about 1mm. I read that pre 1968 they were thicker. I don’t have any other copper cookware to compare with. Not trying to change anyone’s opinion, I was merely passing on the information that I have used them for 40+ years and have no problems with them.