Pastrami House Lincroft NJ

Was getting onto Newman Springs Road from Swimming River Road and noticed Subway has closed. A sign in the window said Pastrami House An Old World Delicatessen coming soon.


Whaaaaat??? A good deli there would be awesome!


I agree 100%

I think the best pastrami near me within a 20 aminute radius, is Richards in long branch. I’d love to hear some other recommendations in Monmouth too.


This subject line excites me.

We recently went down to Frank’s Deli, AP, to compare. Richard’s is the best, IMO. The last two visits, the pastrami has been lean even though I hadn’t requested it. It was still stellar.

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I doubt they will smoke on the premises. I’m sure Middletown would have some objection to that :roll_eyes:

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I used to love Richards, as a “local” spot. My last visit a few months ago left me nonplussed wrt to the pastrami. Could have just been an off day, but Shapiros would have been better that day, imo.

Within 20 minutes I’d say head west to the places in Marlboro/Manalapan. I forget the names though…it’s been a while.

Harold’s on Hawthorne St. In Newark is the best
But daylight hours only.

Jerry & Harvey’s Noshery (not kosher) is in Marlboro. Fred & Murry’s Kosher Deli is in Freehold, on the border of Manalapan.

The closest to me is the deli on Pond Rd Freehold, Jerry & Harvey’s not as good as Harold’s so I don’t go there for pastrami, unless I am too lazy for 20 minute ride to Harold’s.

You’re right about the names I am not a big fan of either.

If I’m in Newark, then I’m going to Hobby’s!


Anybody tried Shapiro’s ny deli red bank?

Won’t admit how old I am but I will admit to haven’t been to Newark to eat in over 45 years.
To me if I want Portuguese I go to Portugal so about once a year.
If it’s Deli it’s either Brooklyn or NYC or Harold’s.
Italian I like Solo in Freehold or UVA in Bradley Beach.

It’s been ages since we’ve eaten at either. Years ago, I used to buy smoked salmon at Jerry & Harvey’s on Sunday mornings. In recent times, we’ve brought home chicken soup with matzo balls and noodles at both for Mr. RBI when he’s had a cold. I didn’t have any, but he preferred the version from Fred & Murry’s.

Jesse & David’s in Marlboro had decent pastrami. But it closed quite a while ago. Lox, Stock, and Deli, their other location in Milltown is still open, but I’ve never been there. As J&D was kosher and so is LS&D.

We save our pastrami craving for when we are staying in our NYC apartment and either go to Sarge’s or order delivery from them.

Jessie & David’s was taken over by someone who supposedly makes his own stuff , I haven’t tried it yet.
I like Sarge’s


It’s interesting you wrote this. My family and I went to Richards a few months ago and had the same experience with the pastrami. We’ve gone there a few times a year for years and everything there was always excellent. The last time my corned beef was still excellent but my wife’s pastrami was not good at all. We’re just hoping it was a one off, but we’ll see next time.

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@Ragtopssk, As I noted in my post above, Jesse & David’s closed quite some time ago, so you must be confusing it with another deli that has been taken over.

Edited to add: I think you meant Jerry & Harvey’s. I just looked at the website, and it’s being completely redone.

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Darn, sad to hear about a few bad experiences at Richards. I haven’t been in a while. Are there any other long branch pastrami places? Neils?

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BigG there are some opinions on shapiros here. There is a thread about it and also some info in the “red bank redux” thread. Just search the word “shapiros nj” and you can find some info. I’d be interested in your opinion if you go. I haven’t been yet. Some people here that I have followed for years, didn’t give it the the best reviews. That’s why I haven’t rushed there. However, things may be different now. Maybe some people can chime in about recent experiences.

I will say I’m a Harold’s fan :slight_smile:

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