Pastrami House Lincroft NJ

I keep reading Harold’s and have to talk myself down from heading for brisket pickles potato pancakes and cake


You’ve never been?

I’ve def been. Need to go back. These posts make my mouth water

Nice. This is a fun place!

Have tried this deli and not worth it. Prices high, very little meat in sandwich, soup cold, knish burnt. Was disappointed as I was looking forward to having this in neighborhood. I realize they are brand new, hopefully they will get the kinks out. Very slow service with only 1 working behind counter and I believe owner by register not helping much. People waiting were starting to get upset with the wait. I hope they work things out, figure out how to manage and succeed.

Welcome aboard Cathy. It is good to see a new member :slight_smile: This is a really cool forum and I think you will like it here.

There are quite a few pastrami fans here too. Do you have any favorites locally? I personally like Richards in long branch. Harold’s is also good but not as close


Thank you, Our favorite is Harold’s but a distance away. We don’t usually eat deli too much but really enjoy it when we find a good place to eat. I hope this new place gets the kinks out and make it work for them.


I think you might like Richards. It is obviously much closer if you are in the Middletown area. I wish Harold’s was closer.

I too enjoy Harold’s! How did the pastrami taste? And welcome to the forum!

Thank you. My husband said pastrami was ok I thought the corn beef was a little fatty. Nothing like Harold’s. Spoiled with how much you get at Harold’s but food is cooked so well. You don’t mind spending the money. We get a few more meals from it as well so I feel it’s worth it


In Newark (also daylight) go to Hobby’s Deli. Great pastrami and the best mushroom barley soup I’ve had anywhere.


I worked in Newark for 10 years and can attest to the fact that Hobby’s is EXCELLENT! I was just telling someone about how I’d order make-your-own-sandwich platters from them for my board meetings. Let’s just say I had well-fed, happy volunteers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hobby’s is very good. A real old style (non-kosher) deli. The two brothers, Marc and Michael, who run it are great guys. Be aware they are not open for dinner (except before Devils games) and are closed on Sundays (closed Saturday too in the summer).


Finally got over to Pastrami House this week. I had their large corned beef Reuben, a side of Mac and cheese and a 20 ounce coke for 21.22 so it was a little pricey, but considering a medium double quarter pounder with cheese meal was almost 10.00 today what isn’t anymore. The sandwich was 7 ounces of corned beef sliced with deli slicer. They have a kid weighing out the portions so they are trying to be exact. The meat was a little dry to me and flavor equivalent to what my wife makes for St.Patricks day when she buys the meat with the packaged seasoning at the supermarket. The Mac and Cheese has a good flavors but was also just a little dry. I would say I enjoyed the meal and would go back considering it’s a 5 minute drive for me, but also wouldn’t drive out of my way to go here like I have for Richard’s or Harold’s.


Thanks for the report. Richard’s seems to be the best locally for me.

I may take the ferry over and hit up Katz on Saturday! I can then nap on way home lol


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Frank couldn’t get good pastrami in Lillehammer?

FYI - Pastrami House opened several months ago in Jackson. VILE👎

The Yelp reviews for this place seems to be all over the place. I think pastrami is just in a weird spot, it seems everyone has a different idea of what it’s supposed to be. I imagine it has something to do with the fact that supermarket deli pastrami is almost nothing like what places like Katz’s is putting out. Everyone seems to have their own idea of what pastrami is supposed to taste like.

I used to pretty much only get it at Richard’s in Long Branch, they used to do a great job when I asked for it extra fatty. Last couple times it came out lean and that must have been like 5 years ago, haven’t even had pastrami since then. And then I see reviews at places and you see complaints here and there that it was too fatty. I know a bunch of places have opened in our area in the last few years but no one seems to have consistently good reviews. Man pastrami must be tough business.

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