Pasta with Sausage & Peppers

I love sausage and peppers on pasta with a marinara. Whenever I purchase the ingredients I stare at the sausages available…hot or sweet or both. I always go with both. Sautee with the onions and peppers, swirl in the marinara and then toss with the pasta. It adds to the fun when I do not know on each bite whether the sausage will be one of the hots or one of the sweets.

Does anyone else do this or do you keep it mono-spicy?

I do exactly the same thing, and like you I always chalked it up to my indecisiveness. I serve it on polenta. And sometimes I leave out the marinara altogether and just make sausage and peppers with a generous amount of olive oil. Hmmm, time for a trip to the market. Thanks!

not a fan of sausage and peppers with sauce and pasta. however, give me a big loaf of crusty bread with sausage, peppers, onions, and i’m a happy camper. and sometimes, my mother would add some small red potatoes, which was also good.

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I use what I have on hand. Sometimes sweet, sometimes hot, sometimes both. Equally good on pasta or a nice crusty bread.

mmmm . . . it’s been way too long since my last sausage and pepper sandwich. I have some chorizo in the freezer, peppers in the fridge and onions in the pantry. I see a quick stop at the local Italian bakery this week and a sandwich in this week’s rotation.

This was dinner tonight on a hard roll with provolone. Can’t beat it. Plus, I wasn’t cooking (bonus).

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Always a bonus when someone else is doing the cooking :wink:

But this definitelt has to make it into the rotation this week. Bonus: the Italian bakery where I get the rolls has a fantastic almond/chocolate/honey thingy that I haven’t had in a while either.

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You are now singing the song of my people with almond/chocolate/honey–is it a pastry? Candy?

It’s a pastry with very thin, crispy layers of phyllo. Sort of a twisted Italian version of baklava.

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That sounds incredible. You’re not in center Phila, IIRC, right?

They are fantastic. And you recall correctly–I’m in the burbs. I never came across such goodies when I lived in the city (my neighborhood bakeries there were German or Jewish).

Do you know what it’s called?

Just checked their web site–Chocolate Almond Treasues.

I did a Google search and apparently they’re all over the place. Couldn’t find one that looked like my local bakery’s (where they’re sold in squares), but this is pretty close, minus the walnuts:

i usually do it with potatoes too, but never any marinara.

sausage and pasta is for something like orecchiette with broccoli rabe, olive oil, lots of garlic and hits of red pepper flakes and lemon.

Always both hot and sweet unless I am using some sort of special sausage. Sometimes I use pasta bur more often crusty bread. Occasionally i incorporate potatoes and rarely add tomato but this is such a versitile combination really anything goes.

Or escarole & balsamic vinegar…

am a 100% hater of’s not even in my house.

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