Pasta Served in a Cheese Wheel


Just when you think pasta can’t get any better. I’ve seen pasta served in a cheese wheel twice on TV. The server twirls the hot cooked pasta in a large cheese wheel. The pasta absorbs the cheese, and is topped with truffles. It is prepared and served tableside. Has anyone tried it? I want some.
P.S. This would be great with pasta made with red wine.



Yes. at Mohegan Sun. It was just ok.

Also got me a bit concerned about sanitation, after I ate it. The cheese is reused…


(Dan) #3

Waste of a good cheese wheel. Novelty aside, consider the starch buildup each time the wheel is used.



Did you see it on RHoBH? It seemed to make Kyle very happy. :yum:

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Yes. Maurisio seemed to enjoy it too. Lol. Camille served it at her pre-wedding dinner in Hawaii, as well. Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t know what she missed. Hahahaha

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Ha, that was my first thought too. How does one clean the cheese wheel between dippings? I guess you could just cut those parts away afterwards, but seems like a waste.



Yes I had that pasta in Florence Italy about 35 years ago in a Trattoria. Have not had it since, but does bring back good memories.



I had it in Siena. It was very good but more due to the truffles than the pomp table side service. I had no concerns about sanitation. You don’t eat from the wheel. I noticed no starch build up not that I would know what that would look like. Perhaps a case of ignorance is bliss.



My name kinda gives me away here but I love this idea. It’s hot pasta inside of a giant wheel of what looks like Parmigiano Reggiano. Cheese and carbs are two of the main delights in life. There’s a cheese place near me that has PR cheese and I am tempted to get my hands on some so I could try this, though I doubt I could ever afford a whole wheel of it.