Pasta Racks???

I just tossed my wood spoked one due to a couple of spokes that broke while unrolling my cut fettuccine/pappardelle (plus I was never fond of it in the first place).

Any suggestions for a S.S. or plastic one that is preferably foldable so I can store it in a drawer when not using it.

Got two tall canisters or oatmeal containers? Put a roasting rack between them. Or use a laundry rack if making lots of pasta.


How about an over-the-door folding laundry rack?

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Owned this plastic stand. Can’t say I’m particularly happy or unsatisfied with it.

Pros: practical to store and to clean
Cons: The lower arms limit the length of pasta

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I use a swing-arm pants hanger, like this:


When it’s done being a pasta rack, it gets wiped off and hung in a closet.


What do you hang it from in the kitchen?!

The handle of a cabinet. I won’t be calling Better Homes & Gardens to do a photo shoot any time soon, but the job gets done!


Unfortunately, this won’t let me get my hands on both sides of my rolled pasta to unroll it.

It won’t? Why not? (Having trouble picturing this.)

this is brilliant

I am vehemently opposed to single-use items, so any time I can find a new use for an old thing, I am very happy.


I roll my sheets from each side to the middle… like this:

Then I cut it and pass a skewer/chopstick under the middle so I can hang it on the rack and roll it down from both sides.

You could absolutely use my method. The arms of the hanger detach at one side, so you can pass them under (or through) your pasta roll. You can see this in my second picture - the arms are fanned out.

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Thanks. I suppose then that would work, but am really looking for one that stands on my island as that is where I make, roll, and cut my pasta.

Oh, okay. I don’t even need to take a step to get from my KitchenAid to my pasta hanger (you can see the KitchenAid in my picture, on the upper right).

i use a simple S.S. 6 spoke stand like this. it’s fine, but not for large batches. you can store it on it’s side, somewhat awkwardly between two bins or something. i think i picked it up from webstaurantstore for around 12 bucks.


Your parameters sound like my husband’s as he shops for a new vehicle, insisting on manual transmission, a length restriction, inside cube dimensions and configuration of rear seats while not in use. My silent response, “Rots o’ruck”.


Yeah… if I saw anything online that floated my boat I wouldn’t have asked here.

If you need to dry a lot, get some 1/8" dowels, drill holes in a hefty block of wood, and stick 'em in like a Menorah. Take them out to store.

Hang the pasta on a suction cup clothesline in the bathroom.

Basically any variation on 1/8" to 1/2" works. Beyond that it still works but gets hard to store. Heck, the underside of a bumbershoot would work!

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A few long wooden spoons and two chairs do the trick. This also works for crispbread (the kind with the hole in the middle).

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