Pasta and preserved lemons recipe

I’m wanting to make a simple pasta and preserved recipe that I’ve never made before for a few casual guests tommorow.

I know, but its really casual, and we are all supposed to be experimenting with seasonal citrus.

I’ve found several recipes, most of which call for long pasta.

I don’t cook or eat much pasta. Why might long pasta be preferred here? I’d like use cavatappi, but I also have taggliatelle.

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For a dish like this, you need the high ratio of surface to volume so the oil has a lot to cling to. Most papardelle or cavatapi are too thick and you cant get enough oil based sauce to stick. That is why those shapes are best with cream bases or rich meat sauces.

The Martha Stewart recope looks good until she adds parm. There are few seafood pasta dishes improved by parm, especially those with anchovy. Skip the parm and it sounds pretty good although id add more olive oil.


Thank you! I used taggliatelle.

(Another participant took this picture)