Passover Is Here (Almost) (also food allergies)

The three Passover dishes I look forward to most every year are potato kugel, noodle pudding and matzoh brei.

I grew up eating mb simply seasoned with salt but the first time I made it for my wife, she immediately added raspberry jam which I have to admit, is pretty good. Eventually she substituted maple syrup for the jam which was a bridge too far for me.




Sour cream. Maybe applesauce.


Really, applesauce on brei? Seem too wet, need something that will leave the edges crispy. Otoh, I guess it works with latkes.

Bingo. Same principle.

Hmm, this exchange has helped me realize i have to try latkes with raspberry jam :joy:

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Cinnamon /sugar on matzoh brei - accept no substitutes here!

I guess if you’re the sort of person who likes jelly omelettes, you would like jam on matzoh brei. But I don’t even like sweet potatoes, let alone sweet + potato + onion! Gah.


I am firmly in the savory camp when it comes to breakfast dishes.


I happen to have one of Marcy Goldman’s cookbooks, A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking. I can absolutely see how she might have invented the chocolate covered matzoh!
Thank you for the article links. Just happens to be a slow day at work so…

SHRINKFLATION!!! Almost all the previously 5-lb bundles of matzo (Aviv, Yehuda, …) are now 4-lb. And you need to spend $75 to get a bundle free.

For me, this means getting a bundle every week until Passover, because I need about that much to last me all year

A stash also works well if you’re out of Imodium :joy:

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complaining about the price of free matzoh?

But it’s not free for us–we don’t spend $75 each week., so I just paid $5 for a 4-pack.

Matzoh brei with raspberry jam makes me think of a Monte Cristo sandwich. Hm, I’m seeing a mash-up in my future… sort of a matzoh scramble with ham, turkey, and Jack cheese (I don’t keep kosher), topped with raspberry jam? A Monte brei?

I also like MB with everything bagel seasoning.


Look what happened in my shopping cart! It’s a sign, clam matzoh brei! The only question is wit or witout raspberry


Doesn’t that seem a bit incongruous? If you’re going through the process of excluding leavened bread for matzoh for Passover, having clams seems a bit jarring to me. But don’t mind me. I’m not Jewish, just adjacent.


Jarring? In what way?

Well because clams are traif and if you’re going through the trouble of having matzoh instead of bread during Passover, eating obviously unkosher food to me seems weird. But then again latin American Catholics eat capybara as fish on Fridays during lent. To my mind a giant rodent living in the swamp does not equal fish.


oh, I thought you were referring to the raspberry jam! The matzoh in the cart are not any old matzoh, they are Shmurah Matzoh, and the care with which they are made, supervision and shaping by hand, are thought to counterbalance the kosher rules, so we load them up with clams, lobster and pork for our passover dinners.

I mean who wants to eat roast chicken and brisket every year?

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Just to be clear, this is sarcasm. If anything, shmurah matzoh are eaten primarily by people who are super-strict about all the rules.

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